Switching into existing Barclays current account


I’m wondering if someone here can help me:

I would like to switch an account I hold elsewhere into my existing Barclays account. According to their website it should be possible to do that, but I have no idea how to do that. I called them up, and they were spectacularly unhelpful (“you’d need to open a new account, as you cannot switch to an existing account”, which is obviously nonsense).

Would anyone happen to know how I do this?

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Would CASS not work?


Yes, I want to use CASS, but I can’t figure out how. They are clearly steering me towards opening a new account, which I don’t want to do (I want to consolidate accounts because I haven’t used that account in a while).

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Everything I’ve seen is about opening a new account. You’ll probably be better going into branch, you’ll have to go in within 5 days of the switch to verify ID so maybe you can do that and sort a switch at the same time?

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Can’t you just move the Direct Debits and Standing Orders Manually?


Really? That’d be pretty rubbish …


I can. But they offer double Blue Rewards for 12 months if you switch, which are worth about £280 to me :wink:

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Have you asked on twitter? I find the customer service there better than on the phone


I might try that. thanks


I’m not sure if their legacy system can do that, and if it can, not sure if anyone remembers the correct incantation to type into the terminal emulator (did I say legacy? :joy:) to actually do it.

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Closest I can find is:
which leads to

Of note: Step 1: Open your new account online. Or visit a branch if you already have a Barclays current account.


Thanks! I have actually now manage to get hold of someone who knew what they were talking about, and they did indeed confirm that you need to go to branch and fill in a load of paper forms.

What a silly thing to do …


Hey im with Barclays now switching it to Monzo. But they have a stupid system you must go into branch as they refuse to do it over the phone.
There excuse is other banks are breaking the CASS rules if they do that. I find it strange as all the other High St banks allow you to do ig online or on the phone.
I hope that helps.

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Look forward to them explaining how Monzo would make you go into a bank

They’ll try and sell you something. You might get a free pen :+1:


Paper based switch!


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Only in very limited circumstances


How does Barclays get involved, if you are switching to Monzo? Your new bank should take care of it all, shouldn’t it?


Cross border switching sounds cool! Only the other day a user on bunq’s Telegram channel asked about transferring accounts between countries. it is something I think fintech firms could work on a novel automated solution!

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Only if the systems are compatable

I imagine they fax it off to your new bank. I’m not going to go across the border to open an account to check


It would only be a short drive from where you are :wink: