Switching from Monzo joint account to Monzo business account


I’m currently setting up a limited company with a friend and we have been using a joint account to get started off. We’ve applied for a Monzo business account and would like to transfer our accounts from our joint account so we have this all on record.

Once we have a Monzo business account is it at all possible to transfer the current transactions from one account to another so that we can have this all in one place for when we need to do our tax.

Many thanks,

I can’t see how this would be possible since a limited company is a completely separate legal entity to you

The forum answer has to be “No” since, as customers, this sort of thing is well beyond what most of will ever have experienced.

Clearly Monzo could have something useful to you, no matter how unlikely it seems to me, but the only way to work that out would be through contacting them directly.

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