Switched from Monzo to a legacy bank (Barclays) 💫


Really! I don’t think Monzo say that officially. They have already offered CA to all Prepaid customers and are also offering to brand new users who have not used the Prepaid product. I was also surprised to know new customers are not getting monzo.me? This may have changed but seemed like Monzo’s offering from Prepaid was in decline.

I really hope so and really want Monzo to do well. I was one of the early adopters and will always have soft spot for Monzo.

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(Peter Roberts) #116

On the backend it still pays into your prepaid account and then does an adhoc transfer across to your current account. This will be changing in future but it is why new users can’t use it right now. They have no prepaid account provisioned

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they have a forum but it is invite only, the firm is not as transparent but the users posts are calm and lack the animosity we see in some threads on this community, everyone is free to express their opinion.

the advantage of invite only is they get a more representative or balanced slice of customers, whereas a free for all community is not representative of a typical user.

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I’ve been messing about with Yolt and Emma this morning - Emma clearly isn’t ready yet (not that it claims to be), doesn’t support my Nationwide credit card. I previously held off because I was paranoid about giving my online banking details to third parties.

But Yolt is pretty good. Obviously there’s no instant notifications because it’s just logging on to your accounts and refreshing them periodically. But everything else is there other than maps.
The reason I switched from Co-op was because of their terrible app and website. I can now really see myself re-opening a Co-op account and using it with Yolt - and having that as my main account.

The Bulb thing has been in the back of my mind for a while (although, I imagine Yolt/ING have plans) - as has future direction. If I went back, at least I’d be able to be confident that I knew what my money was or wasn’t going to be used for. I don’t see that many drawbacks, plus Samsung Pay support and an overdraft.

I might actually go back, for the time being. Not going to close my Monzo account, but might take a step back for a while and see how it goes.

Also thinking of closing my Tandem credit card account as obviously Yolt don’t support it - I think I’ve got fintech fatigue - I’m also hugely impatient now.



This fits perfectly with my previous argument that Monzo seems to be offering a halfbaked product. Why not just develop features properly and keep CA in beta until new users can have exact same experience as existing ones.

Same goes for Android issues, When an Android users sign up he might be looking to use targets as it has been well published and @hugo created this post below in July 2016 about a year and a half later Android app still lacks this basic functionality IMO

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I was exactly in the same frame of mind as you are now. I looked at Emma, Yolt and Cleo with my legacy bank account and realised that information from these apps is all that I need instant notifications are great but I can live without them because Monzo CA is not fully there. So switched from Monzo but hope Monzo will improve and I will be forced to come back using Monzo as my main account.


(Allie) #122

Hi Richard, very glad to hear that was the case! Thanks for providing us all this update to clarify the situation, it makes a lot of sense now :slight_smile:

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(Henry Dennis) #123

I also switched from Monzo. Except I am using Starling’s integration with Yolt as well as my backup legacy bank and my credit card. This gives me a full view of my finances as well as instant notifications.

I hope Monzo gets the API up and running quite soon in 2018 so I can move back. :slight_smile:

I think the CA should have been rolled out after Christmas to allow for features to be polished and to reduce the perceived downtime over the holidays.

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Björn Ulvaeus a hipster?

Who knew? :hushed:


(Patrick) #125

Also thinking - with the Bulb thing. ING/Yolt may have plans for ads or selling services… But they aren’t my bank.Yes, they’re reading my full transaction list - but if I get annoyed I can move in minutes back to the native app or another aggregator with no hassle, any repercussions or work on my part.



Interesting to see Monzo favouriting tweets from people who thought they’d signed up for a travel card.

With the 3% fee over £200 per month on foreign cash withdrawals, that customers stupidly voted for, I can’t help but think that a lot of Monzo Travel Card holders will find themselves disappointed.


(Sacha) #127

Ultimately it depends what you value most from your account.

I moved away from Barclays a few years ago after many years with them. Their in-branch service was (and still is) appallingly slow. They refused to refund me when I got tricked at a cashpoint once, saying the fact that someone had seen my pin meant I was grossly negligent (despite this happening once in around 20 years and their slow telephone system delaying my freezing of the account). They also kept bombarding me with loan and overdraft offers I wasn’t interested in.

I value the largely automated budgeting tools Monzo gives me more than a couple of hundred quid a year I could make elsewhere or by putting everything on my Amex. Personally I’m not fussed about Apple Pay, I’d rather take a worthless bit of plastic out when I pay rather than flash an expensive phone around needlessly.

It is interesting to see the wide variety of different things that different people prioritise from their accounts though. If it doesn’t work for you now then I can understand why you might use another bank. Personally though I expect the front facing stuff to improve markedly later this year after the account migration completes, so can see many switching back later in the year once the feature set matches and then pulls further away from legacy banks.


(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #128


I take your point about the tweet, and, as it happens, I think that Monzo still works reasonably well as a travel card although there are better options now.

Calling fellow forum members stupid is rather odd, though. People will have voted the way they did for various reasons, but calling them stupid for doing so is utterly pointless and insulting.



I didn’t call anyone stupid. The option that many voted for was stupid. Many prepaid card holders, totally new to the community, came in and voted.

The majority went for an option that wasn’t even the preferred option of Monzo themselves.

The vote was stupid; not the customers.



Unfortunately Android users don’t have this yet. Hope to see these things soon and then I am sure I will re-think again.


(Peter Roberts) #131

I like the model of continuous delivery - as for why Monzo do it - they seem to follow an agile development model which matches with this approach very well

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(Peter Roberts) #132

I appreciate that you don’t like the option people chose, but could you have expressed it without being derogatory and putting down other peoples opinion? Ultimately I didn’t want Brexit either but both of these things were decided democratically and I won’t argue against the fairness of it

For full disclosure, I like the option that won. For my usage scenario nothing will change with the introduction of fees


(Geoff Pascoe) #133

As my usage scenario is ‘leave Monzo card in my drawer’, nothing will change for me either :wink:

I’m not going to touch brexit, but I don’t think companies making difficult strategic decisions by outsourcing them to a public poll is a great idea. This, far more than the actual fee structure decided on, was probably the first thing that pushed me away from Monzo. To me, it came across as Monzo being more interested in showing how open and different they were than in making a hard choice.

I notice that for debit card top-up fees they asked for comments but haven’t made it a vote - hopefully they’ve learned their lesson :slight_smile:

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Sounds very much like Brexit :joy::joy: