Supportive co-owned accounts for independent dependants?

(Dan Mullen) #21

Hmm, I’m probably wrong with that then. How about he has his mother’s card? :smiley:

(Is Santa here yet?) #22

Doesn’t that take away from the independence aspect though? You want the person to be able to use their account but just with some extra limitations or features

(Neil M) #23

Which is why to an extent you want them to have the card and the concerned person to have the App. Therefore the dependent gets the autonomy and the independent gets the peace of mind knowing where that spending is going.

(Is Santa here yet?) #24

But the budgeting tools in the app could be a great help. That way the person can have their monthly budget set for subway and know how they’re doing and if they need to think about it. Just giving them a card is no different to just giving them pocket money and asking for receipts. It’s about helping them learn how to control money as well

(Michael) #25

Excellent ideas @louisedanielle

I cannot see a reply from you to the post from @Danclarke, so just checking that you spotted his suggestion that you DM him to discuss ideas in this field directly

(Neil M) #26

That’s a good point if anything you need like an administrator and the a user level if that makes any sense

(Is Santa here yet?) #27

Totally. Both my kids have autism so this is something I’ve thought about a lot. There just isn’t an account that has what we need. For the dependent to have the account and app but someone else to have the same sort of visibility over it and some admin functions would be great

(Neil M) #28

As weird as this sounds its almost like a business account in away. Where you as a parent or spouse/partner etc can approve the transactions(so like a director would) and your kids get the independence that they want and need through an App + I was thinking custom pot images would allow your kids to starting getting into saving. By being able to take ownership and be like this is my “Lego” fund and it could be a picture of a Lego set. I’m just trying to think of how something standard can be transformed to another purpose. i.e the Back-end only needs to be built once and the front-end can be changed.

(Is Santa here yet?) #29

Wouldn’t want to approve every purchase (except online). Toggles for various functions eg contactless on, Internet off or needs approval, similar to the 3ds flow where an sms notification would come through to me. Pots are a great feature which would be very useful to those who need more visual prompting

(Neil M) #30

Theoretically that should all come as standard soon.


Really like the way you have explained something which if not experienced or properly thought can come across totally different.

@cookywook this gets my vote for post of the week.

(Louise Brownlow) #32

Hi Michael, thanks! Yeah I saw his reply and sent him a private message :smile:

(Louise Brownlow) #33

That’s such a great idea… my grandma could definitely do with that! She still refuses to use ‘the online’ and makes all her transactions in person through her local branch, when something goes wrong she doesn’t find out until about 2 weeks later! :persevere::joy:

(Louise Brownlow) #34

@Feathers @danmullen this is what i’m currently arranging with Monzo for now :smile: my mum will have the app on her phone, but it will be in my brothers name and he will have the card! @Rat_au_van I agree with you though, would be ideal if he could see his budgets and what he’s spending in his own version of the app, hopefully one day!

(Louise Brownlow) #35

Thanks so much :pray: I really didn’t expect so much response- I’m so grateful to hear everyone’s feedback and positivity!

(Callum Sword) #36

I can’t add very much to the contributions above, other than we had thought of going down this road with our son for a while, although he has shown great maturity and demonstrated that its not needed. however anecdotally, there are other families in the sam for similar situation as yourselves, and we had touted Monzo as a possible solution given the highlighting of budgets, freeze card and all the rest. It’s an interesting area and one worth a full discussion.