Summary of who contributed how much to joint pots

Me and my partner have a joint account, with a few joint pots and a savings account. While you can scroll down the feed and see the transaction from each person, it would be really helpful to see a summary of the amount each person has put in. Apologies if this has been suggested before!

Hi @Jennya & welcome :wave:

There’s no direct way and there are a few variables.

If you receive income directly into the Joint account (salaries for you & your partner for example), then it’s tough to differentiate other than scrolling through and noting the amounts - or - tagging each transaction with a name as an example. Searching the tag will reveal the list of tagged transactions.

If you only transfer funds into the Joint account from both of your personal accounts, then you can look at the ‘Transfers’ category in Trends and note down or tag the relevant transactions.

Whichever way, tagging the transactions is the key. You can see a total and an average figure at the bottom of the tag search results. At least on Android you can…