Suggestion: Please consider Waveapp Integration!

Thank you!


Yes please! :crazy_face:


Yes, please, I’m using wave apps for my freelance business and it will be really helpful to have an integration with business account

+1 on this. Love using Wave

Please consider integration with Wave

It is completely free to use.


Moved your post to a topic you’ve already started about the same thing


“Wave will not be compliant with UK & EU Open Banking regulations when they come into effect on September 14, 2019.”

“Wave’s bank connection feature will no longer be available to users in the UK & EU after Open Banking regulations come into effect in September.”


Maybe do not consideration right now then!

?it is being delayed

thanks Emma!

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Hi there @matthevv, @Nadyusha, @danverbs, @hassan, @SouthseaOne and anyone else stumbling upon this topic,

I am also a keen Wave user and would love to see an integration between Wave and Monzo (especially since I’m a Monzo Business user and need to update my Wave accounts regularly). However, I believe an integration is still a way away as Wave (as you know) doesn’t yet support Open Banking API. So until they do, we’re probably going to rely on the manual CSV export/import solution – which isn’t actually that bad in my opinion.

HOWEVER! It would make life a whole lot easier if the date format didn’t need to be fixed before the CSV file can be imported into Wave!

I hope you agree and that you’ll support the idea of having this improved by Monzo. I found another thread about this problem and thought I would let you know, so that – if you want to – you can add your support/vote to that thread in order to combine our efforts and push for a solution.

Here it is:

Hope that’s useful. Cheers!



I suggested to Wave that they start supporting the date format used in Monzo’s CSV files, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like Wave will provide a solution anytime soon. More here:

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I second Wave integration! Amazing free accounting software i use for my audio side business.

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