Thinking of transferring away from Tide business banking

I’m currently with Tide and their development seems to have gone very stale. Even basic things like deleting an invoice still aren’t implemented.

Coconut currently only supports sole traders, so that’s not an alternative.

I’m tempted by Anna, but £11/month seems expensive.

Any other UK fintech alternatives to consider?


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I honestly didn’t know they offered business banking.

Maybe, but they don’t offer invoice management like the other options do.

I’ve heard starling’s business account is a bit buggy due to them rushing to release before the financial year, maybe hold off for a few months on them.

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I’d be interested to see what options people are using. We are currently getting charged £7/month with NatWest for not much functionality! :eyes:

Starling isn’t an option for us at the moment :pensive:, as it only supports one director (with significant control).

I posted a thread about this a few days ago> Small Business & Contractor solutions

Countingup is a new option, from the guys who created ClearAgent and promises to integrate similar features through right now it’s very basic.

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Counting looks good, but I notice the feature where they imply there’s no need for an accountant. Honestly, how reliable and accurate is it? Am I gonna be hit ££££’s penalty for incorrectly categorising a payment or something? I’m sceptical, so I may want to stick with my human accountant.

Probably aimed at the same kind of people who do all their own accounting on Clearbooks, FreeAgent or the like. It’s possible to do it all yourself if you’re confident but safest to have an accountant check the numbers all make sense.

Personally, I’m sticking with Tide now they’ve integrated with FreeAgent, which I’m very comfortable with. Tide is just for my in- and out-going money and FreeAgent lets me log what’s going where and why.