Suggestion for unlocking the Monzo app

My phone often has issues recognising my thumb print and I’ve been locked out of the Monzo app a few times at rather inconvenient moments now due to that. I don’t like to turn it off though as then anyone with access to my phone could access my Monzo account.

It would be much better if I could unlock Monzo with a password if the thumbprint ID failed, ideally a different password to the one I use to unlock my phone so if it was stolen and that password was guessed the thief couldn’t access my bank account.

This has been suggested before, on iOS you can disable biometrics I.e. finger prints FaceID etc.

I did ask if Android could disable it like I can disable FaceID in Monzo via iOS settings, so can revert to a passcode so may be an option if you can?

I don’t want to turn it off because then anyone with my phone can access my bank account. Its a huge security flaw. I would just like a password so I can be safe without getting locked out. I keep little money in my Monzo account and don’t have any other banking apps on my phone because of this problem.

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Yes looks like an Android flaw then if it dosent allow you to disable biometrics per app, if you could do that then you could set a passowrd/pin code to access the Monzo App.

However, I have just noticed that if i disblee FaceId in iOS settings and load the app it auto logs in, if i go to settngs and security and privacy I have the option to enable touchid for authentication which if i try to enable it asks me for my pin which I enter then it falls back to the same screen and touch ID for authentication is still disabled, now I do have require touchid for unlock enabled but the app auto logs me in when it loads as I am on an iphone XR i do not actually have TouchID on the phone settings, so there is other issues based on phone model not just OS version

None of that solves my problem of not wanting to leave Monzo unprotected but getting locked out often from my thumbprint not being recognised though. I have an iPhone but an older one with no face ID and I’d have thought having the option of a password lock on a bank account app that money can be transferred from would be a fairly basic feature. Another solution would be to give me the option to turn off the feature that locks me out after too many failed thumb prints.

As it currently stands I have only two options, either allow anyone with access to my phone access to my bank account, or get locked out when I’m trying to use it sometimes. I’m sure I cannot be the only Monzo customer with an unreliable thumbprint reader and the only help Monzo can give when I’m locked out is to delete and redownload the app. Not ideal when I’m out of the house and needing to move money to buy something.

Nobody can do anything to the account either though, to pay someone via a bank transfer for example they would need ur PIN number.