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First off, I’m super thrilled to be finally upgraded to a current account. I’m in the process of transferring I’ve all my DD and standing orders. I’ve realised there is something I’m going to massively miss about my First Direct account. When logging in to first diret it shows any payments that are due to go out the next day but more importantly it shows how much anything that’s going to be paid in the next day. This means I get to see what salary is going to be the day before I get paid. It’s a very small thing but one that would be amazing to have on monzo.


do you not get a payslip to know your salary?

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Yes but a week after I have been paid. Shocking isn’t it :joy:. One of the many joys of working for the NHS, there’s a waiting list even for payslips!

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breakdowns do/will do this

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Because first firect don’t have real-time ledger, they can say when this are ‘coming’ in, I could be wrong, but as monzo has real-time ledger your incoming money could be with you straight away. No more ‘we have your money, we will let you spend it tomorrow’

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Well that would be even better. If not I’ll just have to learn to be patient!

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