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Could anyone advise if you can input future one-off payments or subscriptions, that you haven’t yet paid so they show up on the future budget? Also as a reminder to pay them!

Also would anyone know when it’s likely the budget will roll out so you can view on a 2-week basis?

Lastly, what are the main differences/beneifts between splitting a bill and opening a shared tab?

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Not too sure on the other points. But I’ll try and give a use case for each of these :slight_smile:

Shared tabs are used for carrying out multiple transactions that yourself and one or more people will be sharing. Say you’re going on a day trip with a friend, you can put all of the shared transactions onto the tab and then split it at the end of the day.

Bill split is useful for sharing individual transactions between yourself and one or more people. For example, the pizza run in our office for friday lunch times. One person makes the transaction for all of the pizzas and then splits the transaction with everyone else.


You can enter a scheduled payment for any date in the future and Summary will use its value in calculations of Left-to-spend in the correct reporting period. There’s no need for a reminder as it will show in your feed before it is paid and will just be paid on the correct date .

I don’t believe there is a way to manually enter a subscription - only a payment. Subscriptions are usually Direct Debits or repeating scheduled payments.

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Ah ok, I just wanted to add in for instance, pay for travel insurance next month etc as I do in my stand alone budget app. When I log in, it reminds me to do it and budgets it into my monthly payments.

I will continue to use my budgeting app alongside monzo. I was hoping to not need to look at two lol.


You can mark a transaction as repeating, to setup subscriptions.

Yes I have done this on a couple of things. But I’ve only just transferred my account, so some things I haven’t yet paid for and don’t think I have the option to manually input them (without bank details which I wouldn’t have).

As an example, I have to pay for my son to have milk in school every 14 weeks (approx) I haven’t yet made that payment with my monzo account, but id like to add it in to be taken into account for my future budget.

It’s no worries, I don’t think it can be done like that. I’ll just keep on using my budget planner that I have and not use monzo for budgeting.


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I want this functionality, which if existed would get rid of the need for my external budget planner too.
More details here;

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