Sub limits

(Emma blakey) #1

Just switched all I can to Monzo, it’s great thanks :trophy:
As an idea it might be helpful to be able to create sublimits on targets?
For example between 11:30-14:30 weekdays I would want to spend £10 on food (control lunch spending) or on a Friday between 20:00-02:00 I only want to spend £50 on going out (to help control gin consumption).
I’d love to invest, keep us posted on crowdfunding.

(Naji Esiri) #2

Hey Emma, we’ve had lots of suggestions on customising Targets, but this is a new one!

It’s a really nice idea that you could limit spending around specific times when you know you’re most likely to blow the budget.

News on how to get involved with the next crowdfunding round will be shared in good time! We want to make sure the process is as fair as possible.

(Alex Sherwood) #3

A similar idea to this

was suggested here too -

there are some challenges -

but it’s on Monzo’s badass ideas board :thumbsup: