Student Finance into Current Account

Have any students tried using their current account to receive their student finance loan? :eyes:

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I’ve changed my details on the SFE site (from HSBC to Monzo CA). I wouldn’t be surprised if there was a delay, but remain optimistic that it’ll be OK. Payment due on the 25th so we’ll see.


Good to know there are others! Hopefully it’ll be fine

Pleased to see that there are other students with current accounts :slight_smile:

@probablyawow @_benjmackay Did the loan payments go in okay? I’m expecting the payment soon, but it’s already been delayed due to attendance confirmation issues, so just wanted to check there would be no issues with it being paid into a Monzo CA.

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Yup, there are no issues with this :slight_smile:


Excellent, thanks! :slight_smile:

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Hi- Payment was delayed because of re-enrolment confirmation… in the end the payment arrived into my HSBC account as per last years payments. I’d changed my banking details with SFE prior to the recent payment being processed but someone/thing went wrong somewhere and that was that.

I’ve just tried to change my student loan bank account to Monzo and the online system wouldn’t accept it :unamused:.

I called them up and said that it looked like Monzo was either closed or in the process of closing! They suggested I write a letter to their head office to get them to look into it…

When you guys changed the bank details to Monzo, did it just accept it online?

just to let you know for peace of mind Monzo isn’t closing

Haha, I know - although they did say that, I was only mentioning it to highlight how they didn’t really know what Monzo is :smile:

I changed my SFE over in December, in time for the January payment. All worked fine and received a text from SFE confirming I’d changed my bank details.

January payment was due on 8th January 2018, and appeared in my Monzo CA at 01:00 that morning.

No problems at all.


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