Monzo and Salary/Student Finance/DWP payments


Does anybody else get their salary/student finance/dwp payments made in to the monzo account? I’ve just put my account details on the student finance form for 18-19, and wondered if anybody else gets one of their main sources of income paid into the account, and if they’ve had any issues with it? or have you found it to be just as efficient as a legacy banks, and no issues with payments being deposited etc?

Up until now, I’ve mainly used the Monzo account as an additional account, topped up via bank transfer, but with the new features being made available all the time, ideally I want the Monzo account to become my fulltime account.

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Hi @anon12300088 , I hear a few people have setup their student finance to go direct to Monzo and it’s been problem free so far, based off this I can’t imagine you having any issues.
I have my salary paid in and it’s better than a legacy bank in my opinion, with the instant notifications upon arrival etc.

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I have my ESA paid into my Monzo account. No problems whatsoever!

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Thanks for that. I currently receive a portion of my esa via my advocate.


I have my wages paid in Monzo now I get paid weekly and have standing orders go out the same day I get paid, last Fri was my first pay in Monzo ACC and everything went well without a hitch

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Hey! I have DWP & Student finance & my salary + my freelancer salary paid into Monzo. Absolutely no problems so far :smile:

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Oooh but side note!!!

I had an issue with my student finance (not Monzo) where I applied a little too late and well… my finances didn’t come in on time so I spent the first couple weeks at uni without money / paying for accommodation / my course :sweat_smile:

Luckily I had an emergency fund, highly useful to even students :wink:

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Lesson learnt then. We have to make mistakes to learn in life :+1:

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No issues with my 1st salary into Monzo since switching, arrived nice & early with a nice notification :slight_smile:


In time, once the rest of the planet get with the programme, questions like these won’t even need to be asked because everyone will have updated their systems and the Hot Coral will be famous…In the meantime just go #fullmonzo you know you want to!

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I switched to Monzo as my main account about two months ago now, and have had exactly zero issues since then - which is more than I can say for the legacy accounts I keep around for rewards!

Salary goes in, bills and direct debits go out, and it’s much easier to keep track of when those things are happening now.

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