Just activated my card and need to know the next steps

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Just received my card in the post - thanks, Monzo! After activating, can I get the data and funds from the pre-paid? How long does this take?

I’ve messaged customer support and they only operate on Mon-Fri, so I’d have to wait a day and a half for a response.


It is not currently possible. Prepaid and Current accounts will be merged at a future date as this is a testing phase. Top-up is not currently available on Current account. You can remove money from Monzo prepaid via ATM or using another app like Revolut (then to bank account).

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That’s a bit disappointing, but withdrawing the funds is probably the best solution right now. Do targets work?

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The easiest way to think about it is it’s the prepaid app, without the features that’re mentioned here & with some bolted on functionality (not the final design), to enable you to access the current account functionality.

Targets aren’t listed as one of the features that aren’t available in the blog & they do work in the CA app :+1:

Your options for handling the balance on your prepaid card are detailed here -

Remember that the preview is a test & it’s not supposed to be the finished product. So that’s probably not the only piece of functionality that hasn’t been set up the way you’d like it to be or in the way it will work, for version 2 of the app.

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I am aware its pre-paid, and that all the things were not working were listed on the sign-up page. This was not or I was not aware. But I’d rather have the current account than pre-paid to be honest.

Thanks for the letting me know about the targets feature :+1:

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I’m a little confused how you didn’t know? All the information of limitations is in the application. Even the video mentions it’s a test situation.

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