Stickermule promo - (and you can use Monzo logo!)

(Marta) #1

Did you ever wanted a Monzo sticker, but the population of stickers per sq mile outside of London is rather poor? :grin: Well, you can get them with very low effort and easily agreeable cost! :smiley:

Stickermule is running a promotion that allows you to order 10 stickers, size 3" x 3" with custom graphic. I believe this promo is for UK only, but I couldn’t really check.

This custom graphic can be Monzo logo - I confirmed with @cookywook and it’s okay to use Monzo logo to get few stickers for your own use (or to give your friends).

TL;DR You can get 10 Monzo stickers for a shocking total price of $1.26. :boom:


  • Click promo code:
    (dislaimer: it’s just a promo code for your basket, it doesn’t benefit me in any way)
  • Click ‘order now’ to start the process
  • Make the purchase and finish account creation if required. Pay with Monzo card of course :heart_eyes: , as you’ll be charged $1.26 (exchange rate didn’t settle yet, but it’s showing as £0.98 now)

Monzo logo

Choose one of the Monzo logos from Press Kit. I think the best shape for this sticker can be found in this folder:
Stickermule recommends SVG file, but PNG and JPG files can be used as well, I’m not sure what sort of impact it will have on the quality of the print. :thinking:

There are other logos available, but I think Monzo’s ‘M’ will work the best and utilise full, or nearly full, size of the sticker. If you feel like the logo is too small, you can edit in Paint and trim the margin a bit, but beware that designers added this space for a reason, spacing/positioning is part of the brand design. :wink:

Once you get the logo sorted and you save the file, upload it to stickermule.

Other notes

  • You can upload graphic during the purchase, or you’ll be prompted to do this after you finish. It’s no hassle either way. I don’t know if this proof process is automated or not, but I waited maybe 5 mins to get a proof.
  • You won’t be charged until you approve the proof.
  • If you don’t like it, you can reupload another image and request the proof again (I did it once today and it had no impact on the cost of the stickers)
  • I made the purchase today, and my delivery date is 15th November, so it takes them about 2 weeks to deliver.
  • If anyone goes for it, please share how the proof looked for Monzo logo! Edit: Marcus shared it few posts below! :hot_coral_heart: :hot_coral_heart:

Overall, it’s very straightforward process, props to stickermule! :wink:

I was dying for some Gintama stickers, so here’s how my preview looked:

And here’s my basket, did I mention free shipping? :wink:

Monzo is for mugs!
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(Callum O'Neil) #2

Just ordered these, can’t wait :ok_hand:

Been trying to get my hands on stickers for months :grimacing:


Not bad price at all! Think I’ll gave to give it ago.

(Tom) #4

Looks good, my laptop would look much snazzier with a :monzo: sticker

(Marta) #5

You mean like this? :smiley:
(this is original Monzo sticker, not from stickermule)

(Tom) #6

Nice! How did you get that?

(Marta) #7

I don’t remember how did I get this one, but there are two options: I swiped few when visiting one Monzo office during some event, or from the sticker batch I got from Naji (I’m Coral Crew member if the pink lvl 4 didn’t give it away). I’ve only kept one, as pictured, the rest went to friends and co-workers, who are also on Monzo. :smiley:

(Marcus Nailor, Hot Coral Detective) #8

Thanks @Avishai for sharing this awesome deal! Going to go and decorate all the things with the Monzo logo :joy:

£0.99 though! :scream: Pretty steep :smirk:

(Tom) #9

Just ordered, the :monzo: logo on blue :+1:

Will update when I get the proof through.

EDIT: Proof below

(Tom) #10

Had them adjust it to this. Looks pretty good!

(Matt) #11

What do people want all these stickers for, and what do they do with them?! I got a sorry card from Monzo on Tuesday (which was quite cool - it was chip holding a sorry plaque) - and I got loads of stickers (and a t-shirt). Not sure what I’m going to do with them though!

(Tom) #12

Well I only really wanted one, but had to order 10! I put them on my laptop.

(Tom) #13

Also, what on earth did Monzo do to warrant owing you that much apology! :scream:

(Matt) #14

Haha… it wasn’t anything too bad by any means, but it was good they went out of their way. I was quite impressed!

((╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻) #15

Send them me? :grin:

(Tom) #16

Dibs on the t-shirt! :smiley:

(Tony) #17

What, no socks :socks:?? :rofl:

Oh, for shame, Monzo! For shame!

(Tom) #18

I still need to see these mythical Starling socks…! :rofl:


Ask and you shall receive.

(Tom) #20

Hahaha, oh wow. They’re… not good.

Great doggo though!