Status updates on merchant name fixes

It would be cool to receive updates on whether or not our proposed changes to merchant names/logos have been accepted or rejected.

I’ve submitted a request to change the name for “Basingstoke & Deane Bor” to finish with “Borough Council” about 3 times now! Or is there a limit to the length of the name? In which case I suggest it be lengthened and made smaller text for larger names.


I think this has come up before, with the general consensus being that a feedback loop would be really helpful here - especially to let you know if the suggestion has been reviewed and rejected or not looked at yet.

I hope that the whole name / logo process comes up for rework/rethinking later this year - it’s a great distinguisher for Monzo, but I think it could be slicker now that we’re nearing a million users!

In the meantime, I’ve nearly always found the support folk to be really helpful in changing merchant names / logos there and then if you ask nicely!

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FYI there’s been some more discussion about this in another topic, with this comment from Simon -

I agree that it’d be good if Monzo could close the feedback loop!


I think it’s something that is Manually done in downtime for cops. And easily gets backlogged