Merchant names are a mess

Yeah but when you submit a change why just approve the logo only not the rest,does not make sense.


Yeah - I’ve also noticed this of late, with a direct debit I submitted a correction for.
Logo looks good now, but the name is still the same.

Edit: I just checked, and the Twitter handle I submitted for the logo is a verified account (with the blue check next to its name). Maybe automatically scrape logos from verified Twitter accounts.I’d imagine this would be trickier for location and name data, in making sure that the suggestion is accurate. Like when you suggest “CompanyX” as the merchant name, and the Twitter handle is @CompanyX_UK. They could just make certain assumptions, but they could be wrong, and it could be worse than just reviewing suggestions manually.

The PayPal thing has been going on for a couple of weeks, it’s basically down to PayPal changing some parameters in the data they send. We’re aware of it and it’s being worked on :grinning:


Yeah but these transactions have nothing to do with PayPal they are from Microsoft direct


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It’s not just about PayPal though… Recently I’ve noticed sometimes logo gets updated but Name is left as it was even when correct name/website is submitted. Location gets updated but it would still say ‘somewhere…’


The entire way we process Merchant Feedback needs a revamp, to be honest. It’s not changed at least since I started here and probably a while before that.

We’ve kicked off some discussions recently about how we can improve the process, but if you all have ideas we’d love to hear them.


Well just do them properly as before pay attention to the detail :grinning:

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That gets more difficult though as more customers join - it just doesn’t scale.

Logos come through as a separate task to the rest :frowning:

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I mean logos are great but it’s really very limiting that we can only use Twitter when Facebook and LinkedIn also use square logos but we can’t submit from them locations.

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I’m a fan of how Google Maps handles it - you have a list of submitted changes and you are told whether the change is pending, accepted or not applied (with a brief reason why).

I don’t think you need to go as far as crowd sourcing anything (even Google scrapped c/s roads) but not knowing whether a report was processed is making people unsure whether they need to re-report something or why parts were missed/ignored.


The improve logo screen needs the option for Facebook and website options as well as Twitter.

The address/location of transactions needs standardising. Some locations are: Country, City / Number, Road, City / Road, City, Post Code, Country etc.

The ‘Somewhere’ followed by the exact address thing still happens.

The National Lottery logo is still Christmas themed.

Some feedback on pending changes would be great. And I know it’s been said before but allowing volunteers to update requests would be great.

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It has been said in the past to paste the full link from facebook/another source into the twitter handle field and they can use that too :ok_hand:

Done that to several places and still not updated 3 months on

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I wish the logo suggestion page would (a) validate the value you enter to make sure it’s a proper Twitter/whatever account (far too easy to do a typo if you haven’t done a copy-n-paste), and (b) also show the logo that would result BEFORE you hit send/OK/submit.


Yeap i’ve submitted merchant changes for creation finance for nearly a year and it’s never fixed. Would be better if we had a notification or idea of when we last submitted corrections for merchants so at least we could then chase it realistically with cops


I’d have said the last thing anyone wants is people chasing this with COps!

I can’t imagine the issues that may result if people with genuine account problems are stuck in a queue behind people chasing logo updates! :open_mouth::rage:


I know a few people have actually chased it with cops (I did for one merchant about a year a go, not the one I mentioned previous) when they don’t get updated after a period of a few months. Hopefully now prepaid is gone, it might be a bit more consistent

We know from @HughWells that merchant feedback is linked into Monzo’s internal systems so the community can’t edit it. However, I would employ a group of enthusiastic community volunteers, vetted and stripped of legal rights (through a contract) but then inducted into the cult of Monzo, to go through it. Free labour for Monzo for people who want to support them. Even have it done from the Monzo offices by the Community Liasons etc if legalisticly it cant be done remotely. It is something geeky enough for me to have a bash at it in my free time and, as a teacher, it wouldn’t want to legally mess up.

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If (big if) Monzo wanted to crowd source / validate merchant feedback, surely investing some dev time into doing it through the app would be the way to go?.