Statement Export CSV Formatting

Hi there,

I’ve recently switched business accounts from natwest to monzo using the switch guarantee service which I was very impressed by. Seamless experience.

I do have some feedback on the export statement feature on Monzo desktop. I’ve been unable to reconcile my accounts using the Crunch accounting tool and I’m unable to as the monzo export is missing a paid in/total balance column. With natwest it seemed to integrate really well. I feel like there’s quite a few columns missing.

Could this be addressed?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @a_dalton,

I’ve had the same issue trying to import transactions into Crunch. Until the export is improved, I made a browser-based tool to parse the Monzo CSV and export transactions in a CSV format Crunch will accept, along with a running balance column. It’s up at if you wanted to give it a go. All feedback welcome :smile:




Just stumbled across your tool and found it really useful, thank you Matt!