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It’s a pretty smart system tbh, but sadly Europe is leaning towards contactless, which is irritating :roll_eyes: because I’d rather not have to explain how my card machine works to everyone using it

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That makes a lot of sense. However, for quite a while they were stagnant in the features that were available, then all of a sudden in the past 6 months, they’ve exploded with new feature after new feature. It does feel counterproductive imposing a 12 month ban though, it’s like what is the relevance of ‘12 months’ , you could make quite easily make it a ‘3 or 6 month ban’ though. It doesn’t serve any real purpose other than to make the consumer feel frustrated. I’m not saying Starling should be in competition with Monzo, but there is no denying the positive image, and word of mouth advertising that Monzo have established and this is reflected in customer numbers between the two.

Starling are great though, and I think in a lot of ways, their service is leagues ahead of what is here at Monzo, but some consumers might feel as though overall tone of voice, and impression given off is more vital.


Certified statement ?!
I contacted Barclays and Nationwide last year about statements. They replied that I can download them from online banking or they can send me SAME statements…
So Starling wanna charge for printing and postage ?

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This is a very well trodden path by this point.


That’s fine. Why they have to spend money for sending statements to everyone?! I can buy printer for £20 :slight_smile:

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I’m glad to see Post Office deposits have finally been launched; it seems like a Monzo announcement has spurred Starling into action yet again (or it could be a coincidence :smirk:).

Not having cheque deposits is a bit of a shame, but I imagine cheque imaging will eventually follow (when is Monzo due to launch it? :grin:). However, comparing the implementation details (cost, limits, etc.) it’s clear Starling has a huge advantage. We’ll have to see how it works in practice, but right now Monzo’s cash deposit offering isn’t even in the same league as the options Starling will have.

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I’m presuming you’re joking there?


I’m aware Starling have been working on this for a while; it just seems they always launch stuff just before Monzo. :grin:

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I’ll clarify: I’m almost certain it’s more coincidence, and I’ll grant that Starling’s implementation is usually better outright. I’m pleasantly surprised by this cash deposit announcement and certainly gives me cause to revisit Starling, especially for recommendations to people who need cash deposits.

Edit: Dare I even say that the closing of the community has taken some heat off them. :astonished: Though I still would like more transparency, personally.

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That’s what you have Monzo for. I would like less. I would like Starling to get on with being my bank and not tell me everytime Anne has a mint imperial or what colour Megan’s T shirt is, just be a bank, and the best one they can be, which yes, were in some agreement, now they dont have to answer to the whim of a group of overly demanding man-babies all day long (and i include myself in that of course) they seem to be getting on quite nicely doing.

This was typed partially tongue in cheek, but only partially.

Also, i bet Anne likes a mint imperial. She probably has some in a little paper bag in her pocket.


I agree. There’s transparency and people pleasing but that doesn’t give me any faith in the bank being able to function when it has millions of customers. I would rather a bank just get on with its job of storing and investing my money, what they do with it doesn’t bother me.


I don’t disagree; if they get on with being a great bank, which they seem to be doing now, then that’s great. I wouldn’t consider Monzo the solution though as I’m not sure Monzo is a bank. Starling remains my challenger bank choice mainly because of this, whereas Monzo is interesting now but I’m not sure long-term.

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Sorry, who does this? Starling? Or Monzo?


I know Starling do this as I’ve paid in a cheque and it features a scan of both sides when you tap on the deposit transaction

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Ah, cool! This must be new then, as I’ve paid in a few cheques to Starling and never had this. (Most recent on 5th Oct). This would fix my annoyance of having no way to link the deposit transaction to a specific cheque. (As no pay in slip number).


PayPoint can bring in a new partner in a few weeks, normally it takes them around 3 months, with the Post Office it averages around 8 months for something more indepth like instant deposits or 5 months for something less complicated.


WePay is a stupid system. Passive cards so much more reliable that a phone, data connection etc etc etc

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So, what’s it like here? Seriously considering given it has no deposit limits and I do deposit a lot of cash.