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Not sure I understand ditch the tiers?

When you said granular API permissions, I assumed you were referring to the API permission tiers that control access. Is there some other permission management I’m missing?

Ah right. I meant the ability to revoke access to your Starling data by third parties. In the Starling app you can revoke access for each app (or whatever) - with Monzo you have to contact Support and then it resets access to all clients (including the Monzo app itself). :slightly_frowning_face:


Ah, got it. Never linked anything to either so news to me. Starling does have the advantage there then.


About to be fucked up, imminently. They want it like a call list, apparently, ordered by most recent. Thing is it doesn’t necessarily follow that the next person I need to pay is the same as the last.

Even for a call log, finding contacts sorted by most recent becomes impossible for any time period longer than about a day.

For a bank which currently neatly groups multiple accounts under one ‘person’ – the first time I’ve seen this – it’s a weird backstep.


Seriously? Do they think Monzo’s current functionality is what they should be aspiring to?

(Sorry Monzo, much love, but the Starling implementation is so much better here)


Ha I agree about Monzo’s current offering.

No, Starling’s new iteration seems to be designed by someone who only needs to pay about three people. And because Starling don’t appear to beta test anything…


This alone works amazingly well right now. I’m not looking forward to the reworking of it, or the transaction page with the weird disabling of maps by default.


What’s going on with them? Starling was ahead for ages - then it seemed like they decided that the product was finished (hint: it’s never finished) and now some of their choices seem… Odd. (If not retrograde).

(Don’t get me started on Spaces. My app updated, no message to say what had happened to Goals. Very confusing. And why put loans with savings?)

Still looking forward to euro accounts, though.


Nobody but Starling can say because they’re about as closed off as it gets. I think they’re so disconnected from their actual customers they genuinely have no idea what the hell is going on.


I get the impression Starling is basically a legacy bank attitude with an up to date app


I’ve also always felt this way, and perhaps it’s the traditional bank management? We have no idea about past events, but it is interesting to ponder as to why Tom decided to split off and found Monzo, especially given their differences in the way they are run.


Why on earth, Dan?

It really isn’t, but I won’t rehearse the argument. They’re so well played out I’m afraid…:flushed:


Isn’t what, up to date? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would be preferable if it weren’t an argument at all, of course :disappointed_relieved:


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Thanks, all.