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So Starling seem to have launcehd their Joint Account for all their users. I’ve seen various bits and pieces on this site about Monzo being in testing on the issue – is there anything more concrete about when it’s likely to be rolled out? (I’m moving in with my partner in the next couple of months and we’re wondering who we should set our joint account up with). Apologies if this is covered elsewhere; the subject of joint accounts leads to a lot of info that it can be hard to sort through…

We’re doing a staged rollout and they should be available to all users over the next few weeks :grinning:


That’s great, thank you Simon.

I was hoping to be able to hold off long enough to go with Monzo, but it’s getting to the point where I’ll really need one. Still hopeful of being able to hang on then!


Monzo are worth the wait :smiley:

Can we indicate we’d like to be early on the list? I’m sure joint accounts will be irrelevant for many, so it would be good to roll out to those who want them first.



In my opinion, before Anne departs to give a speech at yet another conference, she needs to first address serious question that Starling users, like myself, have been asking in the past few days.

This is what we got in the last week alone:

  • GPS outage affecting all Starling users
  • PIN number not working with some cards
  • ATM withdrawals failing for some users

These are all issues affecting your ability use your bank account, not a minor glitches in your app.

The worst part of it is that none of these issues are recorded on Starling’s service status page while we all know really well they took place.

Think what you want but I am not impressed.


They always hide and cover stuff though, how can you be with a bank that does that? :eyes:


This has been brought up a lot in the past, they don’t seem to have changed their way on how this works yet though :confused:

Monzo shines a lot more in this regard, Starling is showing a bit of a legacy face here, which is a shame, I’m glad I don’t have an account with them anymore for multiple reasons as mentioned previously in this thread.

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good question. I signed up with them to try them out and build my own opinion about them. It is almost shaped now and it ain’t pretty. How can they claim that there were no issues while it is blatantly obvious there were massive issues affecting everyone on Saturday…

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May if someone from either forum is at that disrupt thing they should ask her if there is a Q&A after…


They should. Even Revolut founder Nikolay had guts to come out clean and explain the situation to their users. I have never thought that Revolut at any point could prove more competent than Starling at communication and transparency. Good Lord…


Although their status page lies…
Looks like Anne has finally acknowledged on a GPS outage thread thats run on from previous outages.

Starling came out and explained the situation (all be it later than most), and took full responsibility for it - Some people will admire this, others won’t for whatever reason.

The main issue (to me), is the lack of visibility of the issue once it’s gone - Especially Starling deleting their tweets about it (which is a killer).



Not even legacy banks do this tbh. I suppose we can’t expect them to be open on visibility just because they are a fintech. A fintech doesn’t have to have good communication, honesty & openness around these things (although it’s nice if they do) etc :man_shrugging:


Anne’s post was added 21h ago, the outage took place on Saturday. Nikolay Storonsky of Revolut issued his statement on Sunday giving clear indication on how Revolut will stop those issues from recurring. There is nothing in Anne’s statement that indicates whether or not Starling are taking any steps to sort this issue out.

I didn’t mean Anne’s post (which I didn’t think was particularly helpful), but the staff on the forum acknowledged an issue long before Anne posted.

They just need to improve their communication to customers (and internal staff), by around… 5000%


Wowww. Genuine new low.