Starling Feedback

This whole subject is blown out of proportion in my opinion.

The amount of people who have closed their account, and want to re open it must be minuscule.

Those who say “I’ll never bank with them again” as some sort of threat, isn’t going to make a difference to the policy.

Whether you like it or not, it is what it is.

The only thing they should perhaps make clearer is when people use CASS to move away - it’s unclear if these people are informed of the policy (just like people who open a business account aren’t told they can’t then open a personal account currently).

But we know Starling need to work on their communication in this space, and I see it improving (in general).

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I agree that it’s probably not a huge number, but if that’s the case, why not let them re-open it?

Ultimately, we re-open closed accounts (in the case that the customer has asked for it to be closed, and now wants it re-opened) because:

  • it’s the right thing for the customer, and it makes them happy
  • it doesn’t happen often
  • it’s not a complicated process

Without clarity on why this is the policy they’ve chosen, I’d imagine that it just feels like a threat, which doesn’t come across as super friendly.

This is where transparency helps - if you have a contentious policy then explaining the logic behind it generally seems like a good idea!


I think the logic is that as it is something that costs them money, why do it?

It goes back to the question of “why are people closing their accounts with a very new bank, only to want to re open it later?”

It’s great Monzo have taken that approach, but if you all of a sudden had 100,000 people do it, would you still have that policy (even though it would remain, “the right thing to do”)?

Look at the change of policy on foreign ATM withdrawals, that happened because Monzo never dreamed of reaching the number of customers they reached so quickly.

I’m not saying I fully understand why Starling have gone down the route they have, and sure, transparency helps in situations like this - But at the same time, I fully appreciate their policy, and if it means people have to wait 12 months, so be it.

If that customer never returns, that’s on Starling - But given how many customers are out there, I don’t see it bothering them too much.


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One feature I do think is useful is Starling’s live chat feature. Is that something that Monzo has ever considered, or is the focus for Monzo on strengthening the customer service received in app?

As I understand something like that, would take heck of a lot of manpower.

Sorry but I must ask have even used Monzo app… Ever.

Monzo have much better live chat in app. That’s software and customer service both IMO.


That’ll be why the customer service chat in-app is so bad; all the operators are live-chatting to prospective new customers :joy:


I’m referring to the live chat feature Starling have on their website, where you can speak ‘live’ to somebody for general non-account queries. I was wondering if this is something Monzo has ever considered doing, or if the focus for Monzo is to keep on delivering a top service in app chat. :slight_smile:

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Non account queries are handled really quickly on twitter as it is, not sure how much extra value a live chat would add on top of that

I’m not sure how Starling have done it, but the most annoying thing I find is these live chats popping up asking if I’d like “help” when browsing. Invariably it’s a disguised sales pitch :confused:


Oh, those live chats on shopping websites? I must say the only live chat I genuinely do enjoy (and are well-staffed) is with Three. Their customer service is really excellent and you don’t get disconnected even if you accidentally close or navigate away from the page (something so common on Aliexpress and I loathe it :weary:). Edit: I forgot about Amazon too, but they tend to prefer calling instead

Either that or the live chats always prompt you first if you need help, but if you genuinely do they tell you it’s closed (!!) or that there are no available agents :roll_eyes: esp MyProtein

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Do you think my card is on Apple pay? :wink:

I got 4 texts with the Auth number followed by this…


GPS (their card processor) has exploded again, so this is probably why. I’d freeze your card in the app just to be safe (it wouldn’t work for legitimate transactions anyway during the outage, but I wouldn’t want such an error to drain the account possibly by replaying previous transactions over and over again).

it can’t drain the account, it only has 3p in it!

I was just seeing how many cards I can add to Apple pay!

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This is on their website now for Joint Accounts

How do I apply?
Starling is the first bank to allow two people to apply for and create a fully mobile-only joint account

Will this wording make customers see them as some sort of pioneers, and that whenever Monzo launch their joint account, they are just following suit?

I’m not saying that’s the case at all, but how will it look to customers who aren’t a customer of either bank, and are on the lookout for a new account?

The Monzo one went into Beta testing first, Starling launched full first. Neither company could design and release it that quickly to get the jump on the other. Both are banks, both have customers who want joint accounts so the close timing is just coincidental.


I get that fully, and the amount of testing that goes into every new account and feature must be astronomical!. It just seems the wording is a bit off, as it comes of screaming ‘we’re the first’.

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@Rat_au_van I know I am off topic but love your cat avatar.


It also leads to absurd marketing strategies where they add qualifiers to make something unique.

Who cares if they are the first app only joint account? Being app only is a limitation in my view.