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Starlings round ups way better… they round online spending as well
And you can save more by multiplying by 2-10…

(Kieran) #904

So does monzos :thinking:

(Dan) #905

Elaborate on “way better” for me.


For example …I can put aside 50p instead of 5p

(Only available in amateur ) #907

That’s the feature Revolut have isn’t it? Does it leave your balance ending with 00 because it would annoy me too much if it didn’t

(Dan) #908

You can move an arbitrary amount?

So it’s not a round up then?


You can use multipliers of the round up e.g 2x, 10x etc. Can’t remember all the multipliers as it’s not a feature I use.

(Tom) #910

Here’s how Starling’s round-ups looks (from their splash screen about it) :


Interested to see what it looks like in the feed!

(Stefano) #912

It shows the actual money spent at the merchant, with a round up icon next to it. The amount saved is then listed in the transaction details. That’s exactly how I wish Monzo did this.

(Tom) #913

I really like the way they implement it, but my one tweak would be to see the round up amount also included (smaller/grey text or something). Especially as Starling give you the option to multiply the round-up.

(Nick) #914

I like having a clear view of the actual amount spend. I don’t like the fact you have to go into the details to see the roundup amount.

In my ideal world both amounts are clear in the feed. Ideally the actual amount prominent, and then in superscript below, the amount including roundup. In broadest terms, something like this:




I find it interesting that Starling seem to be on a roll again, even releasing some features they previously said weren’t something they thought would be useful (including Round Ups).

Without getting into the community situation again, it does make me wonder whether ditching this has helped them focus or whether they’re just in another cycle of rapid development which will be followed by another slow period.

I honestly thought losing the community would diminish my interest in them going forward, but they continue to offer a ‘superior’ approach compared to some of the other Fintechs for me (namely being an actual bank and providing related core functionality).

Interesting times. :thinking:

(Scott) #916

Starling seem to be throwing new features out there a lot lately…

I believe the Fintech race is well and truely on!

This is going to be interesting to see what each banks do as outcomes :nerd_face:


This is a brilliant feature from Starling, which I wish Monzo would implement.

Especially useful if you’re on a trip or about to go somewhere with no phone signal and loose your card.

(Michael) #918

Yeah, granularity of card controls is my favourite over on the Christmas list

(Rika Raybould) #919

Possibly. This is something we have the technical capability to do but it’s not exposed anywhere (except for instant Apple Pay and Google Pay on signup).

I’ve been thinking about ways of improving our mobile wallet integrations. I’ll make a separate thread for this when I finish my current work on physical cards. :slightly_smiling_face:

(Kieran) #920

:eyes: Any clues to what this work is? :stuck_out_tongue:

(Rika Raybould) #921

Just a general revision of the chip profile to improve compatibility, security, and satisfy new requirements. We’re adding a new card manufacturer to our pool and that requires a round of certification of the new cards so we’re taking the opportunity to update the chip settings too.

Sorry it’s not too exciting. :wink:

(Kieran) #922

I’d count that as exciting! :wink: