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That might be a dealbreaker for a tiny handful of people, but (and without wishing to belittle the issue), I can’t imagine anyone else would be remotely concerned.

This is what worries me about Monzo - it seems to be putting identity politics to the fore, as if Monzo is aiming to be a social engineering company, as opposed to the cutting edge bank that I signed up to in the first place.

I find the whole Monzo vibe a bit creepy and cultish, especially after the dog-piling and hyper progressive groupthink I’ve seen on this forum.

That said, the moderators of this forum have definitely taken steps to improve that situation.


(Alex Sherwood) #445

I think it’s possible to be considerate of employees needs while also building a cutting edge bank.

That’s exactly what you’ve just done - belittle the issue.



I see you’re making a straw man of my argument. That’s a shame, and not the level of civil discourse I’d expect of a trust-level-4 member on a Discourse forum.

To be clear I argue for consideration toward all employees and consideration of all candidate employees, without discriminating on their identity characteristics.

Edit: I’d be interested to know which community guideline violation prompted someone to flag this post?


(Alex Sherwood) #447


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(Adam Kendrew) #448

Can we keep this on topic please? I’ve just unfollowed a bunch of threads as this argument is going around in circles. I’m sure me and others would rather it didn’t continue in another thread either. :+1:


(Brenda Wong) #449

Pals, I agree with @ASKendrew. A friendly reminder to keep things civil! If you need, our community guidelines can be read here in this post. DM me if you have any questions!


(Jack) #450

Starling pushing the adverts on the App Store I see!



Not sure of the point of this post in relation to the thread? Are you pointing out starling uses advertising?


(Graham - Mental health professional) #452

Perhaps better located in Starling Feedback?

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(Jack) #453

I thought it fit here as if you’re undecided between the two an advert comes up for it when you search monzo on the app store. trying to sway you one final time


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #454

I read somewhere that being featured on App Store can boost downloads of up to 800%

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All things are not equal. Same search right now


(Alex Sherwood) #457

But also, Monzo aren’t doing this.

On one hand, this is kind of funny because it’s much easier to win customers over from the legacy banks so it’s a waste of money.

But on the other, a rising tide raises all boats & trying to poach users from this small pool of users that’ve switched is arguably counterproductive.



Did I say they were?


(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #459

I get this


(Alex Sherwood) #460

lol thanks Danny. I’m sure there’s lots of other people doing this, as long as it’s not Monzo, I don’t mind :wink:

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I get Starling sponsored ad when searching Monzo in App Store

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(I Can't Wait Till Tuesday, Scrap The Graph Day!!!!) #462

It always changes and depends on what you put anyway, if you put Monzo you get one thing, Monzo Bank another and Monzo Bank Limited another one and so on

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Exactly. I guess this was my, rather poor, attempt of questioning why this was relevant to the thread.


(Peter Roberts) #464

I think it’s a flawed assumption to assume that Starling have essentially selected “Show me on Monzo pages” - as we can see from all the example here - the ad matching is far less static than that and the Monzo/Starling match was probably coincidence

All we know is that Starling pay for ads and Monzo don’t (because Monzo have told us and no-one has ever seen a Monzo ad)