Squashing myths and the challenge

I believe changing the mindset of the UK population in regards to banking is going to be the biggest challenge for all challenger banks.

This is the big sell.

Most probably stating the obvious, but its interesting (as mentioned elsewhere) the perception of banking (with some long held assumptions), hang-ups and reservations that have started to come to the fore as Monzo transitions to CA.

just an observation…


I was thinking about this with all the topics popping up along the lines of I love prepay I don’t want a current account

I think when they send out the notification to people about transfer to the CA, the first thing people should see is something along the lines of “NO FEES NO COMPULSORY OVERDRAFT” in big letters, and it needs to be spelled out quickly and early that the default CA is essentially no different from the prepaid card. Otherwise the last day or two will likely look like nothing!


but that will not be true as fees are being introduced for foreign ATM use. No monthly fee and overdraft optional may be better


@tristan is on this … :slight_smile: will be interesting to see Monzos solutions to quick, self explanatory explanations for the Current account , maybe test it out to the community so we can stick our oars in :slight_smile: - though not by way of a vote obvs …lol

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I hear that @tristan is on it. it will be interesting the language/format used to to educate.

Test the community?! oh gosh!!! after the drama of ATM charges…

dont get me wrong, i love a democratic process but the way people ‘throw their toys out of the pram’ when the outcome is not their way is mad!!!

but im thinking beyond the CAs (as the bedrock, of course), what (how) should modern banking be?!


totally agree there.

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“The great thing about democracy is that it gives every voter a chance to do something stupid.”


say that again homie!!!

Actually I think I prefer “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”

(gotta love a bit of Sam!)


Similar to above but great words from an old Finance Director that has stayed with me “l am running a business, l am not running a democracy”. As big as the community is behind Monzo they still need to make commercial decisions, l guess that is why sometimes its best not to consult.


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