Spotify on a new device?

Tried google but all the answers are outdated

Basically want to know. I have Spotify premium on my current phone however I’m getting A new one soon, will I be able to delete Spotify on my old phone and use it on my new one ?

I’m guessing you can , but you can’t stream simultaneously?



It’s the top hit for me in Google


Brilliant thanks guys

I have Spotify installed on multiple of my own devices and my partners without issue.

Is that a family account or a standard premium one ?

Dug up an old email from a past Currys order giving me 6 months of Spotify for free :sunglasses:

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We just have normal Premium - only one of us can listen at a time but if one turns their Spotify to offline mode we can both listen. Works for us and is a bit cheaper.

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There’s very little difference in the end product between premium and family.

On the family tier everyone has their own login and their own individual premium experience. The only places it’s different are in the billing where all of the accounts are linked together and one person pays for everyone and in your ‘Made for you’ section where you’ll find a ‘Family Mix’ containing a mix of music liked by you and your family, apart from those two things premium and family are exactly the same.


Encouraging piracy, nice.

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They’ve upped it to 5 devices