Split the bill on Direct Debits

I pay all the bills on behalf of my flat mates and then split the costs manually.
I moved all of the direct debits to Monzo assuming I’d be able to split the payments like any other transaction but it isn’t an option on iOS at least.

Has there been any discussion on this previously or mention of this feature on the roadmap? It would really make my life easier.

I’m not requesting anything as complicated as auto split and send, something I could do manually would be enough.


As an interim, you could send them a monzo.me link with the amount required. Maybe not as smooth but better than getting them to send a bank transfer to your account.


It’s definitely on the roadmap. The very immediate term roadmap :wink:


Spoilers :speak_no_evil:

That’s fine. I like spoilers.

So… more information please. :pray:t2:

Watch out for new releases :eyes:

monzo.me for current accounts is being tested by a very small number (with no definitive timeline), and once it’s available to the current account, you can use it for DDs :tada:

I can now on Android staff release :speak_no_evil: (I started prepaid)