Auto split direct debits

I’d love the ability to have direct debits automatically split with other Monzo users every month. This would be really useful for stuff like splitting bills between housemates.

And then the “left to spend” should be automatically updated to not include the money you’ll be getting back from the split. So a £60 direct debit, auto split between 2 other people, would only take £20 off my “left to spend”.

This is already possible through Shared Tabs.

This doesn’t happen (yet) unfortunately.

It doesnt happen automatically though… still need to go each time and add to shared tab?

Or am i completely wrong with that :thinking:

No your correct. I guess the biggest issue would be doing the whole autorise between 2 parties as if the DD came out of your account and it was £60 and you pay £30 and Y person doesnt have £30 it could bounce.
Also that person would need to authorise your DD to take half automatically without control over the DD amount as it would be in your name. It would be fine for fixed bills but say power etc it could get messy.

Although thinking now a DD usually alerts you before the amount is drawn from your account a day or 2 before, a window then to say to X person dole me over half would be nice or alert them to approve their half the balance.
A quick way would be to at least mark a certain debit as a split with X person and when the amount gets notified to be taken you could hit a button to send the request for half and the other person could hit the pay before the amount is taken.

Surely an easy way would be to get your flat mates to setup a standing order to transfer their share either at the start of the month or just before the direct debit is due?

I have shared bills like that and I have the shares worked out on a spreadsheet and the people just have standing orders to transfer their share per month. You can put that into a bill pot and it’ll be there to cover the direct debit.

In my flat I pay all bills and housemates have a standing order to me just before rent payment, and I use a bills pot so that I only have safe to spend money in my balance. It makes my incoming and outcoming look out of what though.

Would a shared bill pot would be a neat solution for this?

I thought it was possible to add Direct Debits to a Shared Tab as a recurring payment and then they’d be automatically added to the Shared Tab in the future.

The other person would still have to pay off the Shared Tab though.

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This would be really useful. Would have to work at the same time as pay from post but would really help me in not forgetting to add house bills to our ongoing shared tab.