Split the Bill/Monzo.me Lottery

(Franky Athill) #1

How would you feel about a fun feature/initiative to encourage the use of the split bill feature whereby all users that split a bill are entered into a lottery each week and Monzo reimburses the lucky winners up to £100 for the bill that they split. Each time you split a bill you would earn one virtual lottery ticket, and if you win that week you’d get a push notification and the money would pop up in your account - you could then pay back your friend their half of course.

The initiative could be summarised in the tag line: “Split the bill and we might just pick it up for you”.

It’s a way Monzo could encourage the use of the feature and thank the most active users though a fun giveaway rather than ads or notifications.

Additionally, all users that split a bill with a non-user could be rewarded with a golden ticket, so they can invite their friend then and there.

(Bob) #2

The cynical might suggest that its far too easy to split the bill with oneself, thus going against the spirit of the lottery :cry:

(Hugo Cornejo) #3

Thanks a lot @frankyathill for this suggestion :heart_eyes:

However, said as a completely personal point of view, I always feel that giving “free money” to encourage use of a feature/product is usually not the answer and it actually hides bigger problems.

We want you to split the bill because it’s useful for you and makes your life easier not because we’re giving money away, right?