Split a transaction into different categories

(Oliver Ford) #41

A great starting point would be simply to allow users to do it manually.

This was a feature that was “coming over the next months” back in 2016, but seemed to fall completely off the radar, and is never mentioned in public roadmaps. Can you give us any hope?

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(Joel Hughes) #42

The ability to optionally split a single transaction against multiple categories is a key feature as, otherwise, the budget summary screen is not really representative.

I like all the other high tech solutions presented here but, for starters, a manual way to do this, would be fine.

(William) #43

If I buy more than one category of item at a shop but only pay once, I would like to split the transaction into the relevant categories so it reflects reality in the Spending Tab.

This would be really helpful in supermarkets.

(Nathan) #44

This would also be great for splitting a transaction of fuel and food at a petrol station.

(Tom Thorpe ) #45

You can work around this atm by doing a bank transfer to yourself. then you can categorise both sides of the transaction to make sure things add up. :smiley:

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(Ren) #46

I would like this function to help correctly see how much I spend in each category. Do not want to faff with a work around each time I pay for things!

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(Joe Sleight) #47

I would like to see this implemented to. Would be a very useful feature. It seems like a obvious progression for categories.

(Matt Blandford) #48

This would especially be good for credit card payments. I have a credit card that rewards me, so i spend a lot on it and clear the balance each month. would be nice that when i clear the balance I can allocate what i spent to which category

(Duncan) #49

Often a purchase falls into multiple categories. Most people lack the patience to enter the precise values for each item, but people might - given a suitably slick interface - be willing to put in approximate values. 50/50, 75/25, or whatever. This would help people to understand their spending - particularly their discretionary spending - at the end of the month, on a categorical basis.

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I believe there was a sneak peak of something similar to this. They are going to change summary a bit. Though they did not mention being able to split a specific transaction.

Have you got some examples of how you would use this feature?

(Duncan) #51

Sure, examples abound and I’m sure you have a million, too. Bought groceries plus a gift (say, chocolates plus flowers) from the supermarket. Bought snacks plus petrol from the petrol station. Bought things from any combination of categories from Amazon. Bought your lunch plus some toiletries from Boots. In fact (for discretionary spending) this is actually the normal case - a neat one-category transaction is a special case.


Yeah this has been mentioned a fair few times. I’ve lost track of where we are with it. Here’s two from a quick search, they should probably be all merged into one thread.

(Martin Jones) #53

Is there going to be an option in the future to split transaction categories


Shop at Tesco, spend money on groceries and car products on same payment, i would like to show the car products as transportaion

Or I pay my credit card bill, as it stands it just shows Barclaycard, i could be settling groceries, holiday payment, bills etc in same payment but I can only choose one category at minute

I know I can get round this by paying my credit card in multiple payments and changing category to represent each but it should be simpler

(Dave Berry) #54

If you’re going to have spending categories then I agree, you should be able to spilt transactions between the categories. Real life is messier than one category per payment.

I’ve been a committed YNABber for years (ace budgeting app online), which means categories have been very important to me. Since using summary and pots as my main budgeting strategy over the last couple of months I now see categories as pretty irrelevant, it’s been pretty liberating!

(Adam) #55

I agree this should be something considered for future. I rely upon categories to budget for difficult months, and sometimes it’s not as clear cut especially as I make large payments like credit card bills which could cover multiple categories.

(Martin Jones) #56

I tried using pots to split things but its too much messing about, it should be as simple has £x is for one thing, £x amount for another

At thr moment with my credit card, i work out my fuel cost on statement and pay that, then groceries making a second payment, if i eat out its a third payment, just not ideal

(Sara Hill) #57

I’m quite new to Monzo so i’m not entirely sure if this is already available or not, but anyway: to fully understsnd my spends I would find it pretty useful to be able to split a transaction into various categories should I need or want to; i.e. buying groceries in a shop but getting cashback at the same time. Currently the whole transaction is gategorised as groceries which gives a false budget representation. Not really a problem as I can work around it, but would be a nice addition for future.

(Sean) #58

Edit: sorry posted to the wrong thread!

What I actually wanted to say was that I’m hoping the Flux integration and receipt API are the first steps to item by item categorisation.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #59

Now that’s what I call a non-sequitur.

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(Sara Hill) #60

No thats not what i mean at all!

I mean in my ‘own’ budget list in my ‘own’ account transactions are separated into categories. If I spend money in a supermarket that transaction gets put in the grocery category. If I also got cashback on that same transaction (for example) that will also be included under ‘grocery’ category. It would be nice to separate that cashback into another category.