Ability to split a single payment into multiple transaction categories

(William) #1

If I buy more than one category of item at a shop but only pay once, I would like to split the transaction into the relevant categories so it reflects reality in the Spending Tab.

This would be really helpful in supermarkets.

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(Nathan) #2

This would also be great for splitting a transaction of fuel and food at a petrol station.

(Tom Thorpe ) #3

You can work around this atm by doing a bank transfer to yourself. then you can categorise both sides of the transaction to make sure things add up. :smiley:

(Ren) #4

I would like this function to help correctly see how much I spend in each category. Do not want to faff with a work around each time I pay for things!

(Joe Sleight) #5

I would like to see this implemented to. Would be a very useful feature. It seems like a obvious progression for categories.

(Matt Blandford) #6

This would especially be good for credit card payments. I have a credit card that rewards me, so i spend a lot on it and clear the balance each month. would be nice that when i clear the balance I can allocate what i spent to which category