Redesigning Spending


It’s pretty touchy about counting incoming payments against what’s been spent that month.


This looks very close to perfect for my personal needs. For me personally, targets have limited use.

I’ve had to calculate my bills (rent/utilities/internet) and set that as a target, then divide the rest of my monthly income into various other targets (£X for food, £Y for eating out - although buying a slow cooker has pretty much eliminated my pizza purchases :smiley: - etc).

What this means is, if I end up at Tesco to buy another round of ingredients for the next 4 days of slow cooked food at the start of the month, immediately Monzo guilt trips me telling me I’m spending too quickly for my overall target this month.

Getting rid of targets as-is and replacing them with this spending wheel would be pretty good for me :slight_smile:

If you’re already going to be tweaking categories and whatnot, I would love for you to allow splitting any individual transaction into multiple categories.

For instance, if I go to Tesco and buy a batch of shower gel, some TP and whatnot, a bunch of food, and some cider, I would want the ability to say “£X of this transaction was Groceries, £Y was Personal Care, £Z was Eating Out” (as I would probably categorise alcohol as Eating Out in Monzo terms).

In the month of February, I was about £50 over my monthly Groceries target because I spent around that much on one-time or non-essential purchases that should not be classed as Groceries just because it happened at Tesco.

It would be incredibly inconvenient if I had to make separate transactions so that I could manually re-classify an individual transaction as being Eating Out, Personal Care, Household and Groceries. Having to go through Tesco checkout four times in one day is a bit excessive :stuck_out_tongue:

To summarise:

  • I love the new Spending wheel, and I would prefer to have this over Targets (iOS user)
  • Please consider allowing transactions to be split into multiple categories for tracking spending


yes. I’d also love this. It is really very useful, and surprising it not prioritised over the graph.

(Calum James) #83

I’ve just found out Starling have already added some of the key categories we’ve been asking for, Gifts and Charity being the most important to me. So this sneak peak with only two new categories has just become even more disappointing to me :disappointed:

At least if we had a Gifts category but not a Charity category, charity donations could technically be classed as a gift, but currently with Monzo, there’s absolutely no way to categorise buying a round, food, or gift for someone; other than the General category, which isn’t a solution.

(Rebecca Priest) #84

Hi Monzo :wave:t2:

Absolutely love your service, however I would really really LOVE IT if you could introduce a weekly spending breakdown as well as daily and monthly.

When I’m budgeting I find the best way to stay on track is to have a set budget that I want to spend each week and force myself not to go over that. Only knowing how much I’m spending on a daily/ monthly basis doesn’t hugely help me - so I end up having to still record my daily spends in my notebook.

Any chance you could introduce this feature in the near future? It would really be a lifesaver for me!


(Alex Sherwood) #85

A fix is coming :soon: :slight_smile:

More details here -

(Duncan Roberts) #86

What about non-monthly recurring payments? Got a discount on Spotify and a newspaper subscription by paying annually, which is quite common.

Ideally the UX would be encouraging me to put a 12th of these annual costs aside each month.


Agreed, the Monzo categories are pretty limiting. I’ve sort of given up attempting to assign/keep track of spending via categories as they don’t have things like pets, gifts, internal transfers(to my savings account) etc and so a lot of my spending is now in the wrong category

(Jack Donovan) #90

Yeh, this is a nightmare :frowning: transfer £150 to another account… You have spent £150 today!

Uhh, no I haven’t?


Exactly, @hugo is there going to be work on categorising/sorting sending money to another account e.g savings account? It says you’ve spent x today when you haven’t, you’ve just moved it to another account?

A good example is you get paid, you want to move £500 to a savings account, so you transfer it to your legacy/savings account. However it now says “you’ve spent £500 today”, when actually you’ve not spent any of that money and have just moved it to a different account

(Chris Blore) #92

Resolving this would be one of the most important fixes for me at the moment. Last month I received a large cash bonus and transferred it to another interest earning account. As a result, my spending report for last month is incorrect, and the pulse graph for this month suggests that I will spend the majority of my Monzo balance this month, presumably because it is based on my “spending” last month!

(Dan) #93

Its coming with the big Spending / Breakdown update :slight_smile:

(Alex Sherwood) #94

That update is on the roadmap here & you can check out a preview of it here -


That’s one of the biggest things I like about Emma - they actually have an Internal category

(Alex Sherwood) #96

I guess the new Finances category is Monzo’s equivalent -

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #97

Do those finances transactions count towards today’s spending, though?

(Alex Sherwood) #98

I don’t think we know yet.


Reoccurring payments to savings won’t show on your daily spend but a one off or manual one would. However you can mark a payment to be excluded from your monthly spend. Ie you buy a laptop or a plane ticket or some other such large rare payment you can remove it from your spending.


Nah - I consider Finances to be insurance, bank charges, arrangement fees etc

(Matthew Kay) #101

First time posting. On the topic of spending and categorisation, I noticed recently that when I pay money to someone having clicked through a link they sent through the app, Monzo always asks me how to categorise it. This seems sensible, but the categorisation never actually sticks for me - it just defaults to ‘general’.

I also hope there will also be a ‘saving’ category at some point which isn’t reflected in spending totals, and that reimbursements from friends will net off spending totals to reflect actual spend.

Sorry if some or all of this has been covered, tried to find and failed, feel free to move to different thread.