Spending summary of the day


It would be nice to have a spending summary of a speciffic day in a history. See image attached with the suggested place.


Great idea. I actually like the idea of a notification at a certain time (set by the user) with a summary of the day, and perhaps of the month so far.

This could then be linked in the future with budgeting (ie. “You spent £6 on food today, which leaves you £40 for the rest of the month” or “Careful - you spent £11 today in total; if you spent this everyday you’d not have enough by the end of the month”) which some banks sort-of do in a very minor way.

PS. It seems like Pret just get all of Mondo user’s money. Damn them being on every street…


I’ve never stepped foot in a Pret ever. I clearly have no idea what I’m missing out on…

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Pret on every street! Not when you live on a Scottish Island (Skye) …

Reminds me of my last telephone conversation with Lloyds Bank “You just need to go into your local branch” - Yes, a 430 mile round trip that will take over 10 hours by car!


They’re hard to avoid in London!

Definitely, I worked in Smithfields for a bit and it felt like every direction I went I came across one.

Most Lloyds Bank activities can be done at Bank of Scotland branches btw


Thanks - I know as I have a Bank of Scotland business account (only because they are the same Group) … as soon as I can ditch both, I will be a happy bunny!

Turns out you can’t do Bank of Scotland related things at Lloyds!

Hey @skerla thanks for the feedback, this has come up a few times!

It’s something we are looking into, but I think we would need to juggle things around a little more to implement this properly. Currently we want to avoid adding more numbers to this area of the home screen in fear things will get a bit number noisy.

If for instance we did end up putting this data here would also need to consider how the numbers would interact with the search icon and potentially move this elsewhere causing a bit of a design domino effect where we end up adjusting quite a few things.

It’s on our radar though! keep the feedback coming. really appreciate it! :fist:

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Would love to see this too. It’s so helpful when going back in time like you would with paper statements. I find this especially useful when doing my tax and making sure the numbers are adding up along the way.

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Yes! This is something I’ve been doing myself to see how much I spent on the weekend for example. It’d be a great quick insight to past spending

Agreed, although I definitely think a simple ‘Day Total’ would be a really nice addition

It would, that’s on it’s way :tada:

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I came here today to request this feature specifically. It would be great to just have a total for a previous day’s spending, eliminate the suspense and hungover math and then get straight to the crying.