Spending on Android! New Update Out Now

https://monzo.com/blog/2016/11/14/spending-android/ :tada:


Beta User here, been playing around, with this now for the last week-ish absolutely loving the new features for Spending, just got back from a trip to Prague too :airplane: , and got my first Welcome home you’ve spent X notification :slight_smile:

I do know other users with :monzo: :credit_card: and I’m definitely excited for 1.3


Loving the update, been looking at the Spending screen since last week and it’s really awesome to see the breakdown :smiley:

Keep up the awesome work, I’m looking forward to every update :slight_smile: I hope I’ll be able to convince some friends to join lol!


Pretty cool. Any chance of setting a cycle start/end date? My pay cycle is from 6th to 5th of month so my month crosses the calendar. I’m guessing quite a lot of others have pay dates that are offset from the 1st so think this would be something a lot of us would use.

Great work though :slight_smile:


this has been requested a lot so would think its on the “to do list” :slight_smile:


do all Android users get an SMS /email about new updates being available or are all phones updated automatically or do they just have to rely on word of mouth / updates being publicised on this forum, twitter, Facebook etc unless they are on beta ? I assume the later because one customer on Facebook was not aware of the latest update ?

@anon95680666, you can just set your apps to Auto Update over Mobile/Wifi or Wifi only in your Play Store Settings.



maybe worth mentioning this on the app store " make sure you turn on auto updates if you want the latest version as we are constantly updating our service to you " @tristan - don’t know if it does yet or you’re ahead of the curve as usual :slight_smile:

My phone automatically updates my apps but unless I come to this forum I wouldn’t know what the changes were (unless really in your face) the only way to know is turn off automatic updates and manually go into Store and read the ReadMe for an app detailing any changes before clicking on update


I’m so glad Monzo have opted for the Slack approach and take the time to write helpful, not to mention playful, release notes. Little things can make a difference in user satisfaction too. Unlike a lot of the big apps, such as Facebook, Google Maps, Spotify, Netflix, etc.

Along with release notes, blog posts and social media, we’re also working on something similar to what we have in the iOS app so you get a banner telling you about new features when they launch :slight_smile: (@anon95680666 FWIW almost everyone auto updates by default :slight_smile: )


In case you’re wondering, here are some of the things that need working out before this feature can be enabled -


but the good news is, it looks like this is on it’s way -


Reviving an old thread here…

Having switched from iOS to Android, I really don’t get on with spend tab on Android.

  • The cards are too big which means you can’t see all the categories in one view. This is worse with if you have recurring payments taking up additional space.

  • Font size of the month total is the same as the categories - visually it’s a little confusing.

  • Scrolling through the months in a long list doesn’t seem as intuitive as each month having its own page and tabbing from left to right, as on iOS.

Im all for Material Design, however im sure it can be improved…dare I say it to look a bit more like iOS.

Not necessarily disagreeing with you entirely but…

No, please no! If you want iOS, buy iOS. And I’m not the only one to think like this. You’ll eventually get used to the Android-Material design.



To clarify, I’m not saying Material design should look more like iOS - just the Monzo Android spending tab could be improved to make it clearer and more useful. In that respect, more like the iOS implementation :man_shrugging: