Spend money from certain pot during set time period

A lot of people save money in a Monzo pot for a weekend away, holiday etc, so rather than moving money back and forth between pots and the main current account, perhaps there could be a future development to ensure that during set dates, anything you spend it taken from a certain pot.
For example, if you live in England but are venturing to London for the weekend and want to keep a track of your spending and keep inside of a budget, then create a London pot, save/load with money and ensure that during X and Y dates, money is taken from that specific pot.

I know through IFTTT you can set it so that when you spend money in a different country it takes pounds out of a pot, but a lot of people are taking trips within the UK and also using data when making a transaction in USA for example, is an extra expense.


This has been suggested so many times. Here is the pots feedback topic where you can see and discuss all the suggestions: Pots - Feedback Thread 🍯 :slight_smile: