Summary for individual pots

I use a pot to manage my “travel spending”. I have an annual budget to spend on travel, and I use the percentage on the pot to see how I’m doing.

It’s the end of March and I’m only down to 87% of the starting amount. So effectively, I’m using the % in reverse. Instead of saving up for something, I’m saving down.

It would be great to be able sync that with the time of the year - so it could say £2,000 left, you’re £200 within budget - in the same way that the monthly spending wheel works.

Very cool idea

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Love this idea, something similar to the main account summary dial but applied to pots do you think?


I suggested something similar with shorter term budgets, we’re currently on our last day of a week long holiday so our joint account has a £500 budget on the holidays category. We have about £50 left so we’re on track but because monzo sees the budget as for the month it’ll spend the rest of the month telling us we’ve overspent

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Exactly. Where we can decide our own time period (1 week, 1 month, 1 year, for example) for the budget tracking to apply.