Specific Icon or Avitar

(Edward Crowther ) #1

Hey Mondo people.

Just though it would be cool rather than have a generic icon for the app to have a choice of a few, either male, female, gender neutral or an Avitar. Possible even just the users initials. What do you think ?



Personally, in the grand scheme of things Mondo have to do before getting their licence. A generic M logo for the app is fine with me.


Why would you need custom icons for an app. Do you have a custom icon for facebook, twitter, etc?? Moreover, I don’t think Apple allows you to do that in the first place. There’s a reason why people don’t do that.

(Nigel Laverick) #4

Must admit I lik the Mondo M and have no desire to change it. I’d far rather get the big picture drawn and sorted before we fill in the nicey nicey bits


I personally have absolutely no want or desire for such a feature. I can’t really understand why anyone else would either??

(MikeF) #6

No, the app icon needs to identify the app so I don’t see a need to be user selectable. As suggested above, I don’t believe Apple allows this anyway.

(Tom ) #7

I’m pretty sure the OP is referring to the icon of a person with long hair in the profile section.