Anybody have an XZ Premium, or other sony device?

So I’ve just noticed a yellow line has appeared on my screen, this isn’t my photo, but looks exactly the same as this one… Anybody have any clue what it is? I’m so annoyed :sob::sob:


On that note, Vodafone have said they will repair it under warranty, and give me a temporary smart phone. Will it be easy enough to get Monzo loaded on to it?

Edit: Photo above not an XZ Premium

Edit 2: Oh god, it’s doing my head in

@GalaxyMergirl you might know?

Without seeing in person it’s hard to tell. Could be heat damage, or delamination or something else that has degraded the panel.

Blue is the easiest colour to damage. But yellow spots can also be delamination of some adhesives. In person I’d shine lights on it and a few other things to tell.

Thanks mate.

Funny because I’ve started to forget about it again now, in reality It could have been there for ages and I hadn’t noticed… :thinking:

Apparently its common with Xperia screens though… I’ve only had one before and it didn’t happen with that!