Sons account closed

How can he find out why, all help have said in messages is we reserve the right in our terms and conditions and im affraid i don’t have any further information on why we’ve made this decision? I wondering if it is because he bought bitcoin things? But he has not bought much he hasn’t got much money.

Hi. You cannot find out. Monzo won’t tell you (or your son) why the account was closed.

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Well understand they will not tell me, but why wouldn’t they tell son, he has money going in etc and they say can take 3-4 weeks to get back. Really does not make sense?

They just don’t. I’m not sure if any bank would, to be honest.

Not many banks like this so you’ve probably guessed correctly


Ohh ok thanks anyway

Banks generally don’t because it will help people piece together what checks they do and the thresholds for fraud and/or things that break their T&Cs. Thus making it easier for people to circumvent them.


If they tell you they’d be breaking the law and it’s an imprisonable offence. It’s called tipping off therefore they’ll give you no heads up or information as to why. The same is true for anyone that has to check for money laundering e.g. accountants, solicitors et al. I think most people know why and your suggestion that it’s because of bitcoin could be correct though you’ll never know for sure.

Ok, my question is about Bitcoin. Why don’t the banks like it?

Because Bitcoin is often used by criminals. By which I mean criminals often use Bitcoin, not that most Bitcoin users are criminals.


did he ever sell bitcoins or similar ? some marketplaces for such things take direct bank payment, this can cause problems

Doesn’t mean your son has done anything wrong but explains why Monzo keeps him in the dark whilst they look into something (as would other banks)

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According to the following article, more are ok with it than not

Says Monzo are ok with it.

They are but only from a couple of exchanges and in moderation if I remember correctly.

Maybe instead of closing accounts of people that use the ones they do not like they should publish a list of the ones that are fine or just block incoming transactions with a notification to the customer explaining what has happened.

Would be a lot more customer friendly and save a lot of hassle.

Unless they want to keep their risk register under wraps to avoid the danger of criminally minded scamps from ‘gaming’ the system.

But then what is to stop someone contacting them (if they can ever get through that is) and asking them who they can use?

Maybe just a block would be far easier instead of a full on ban then.

They’d be unlikely to get an answer, I’d have thought.

I think / hope they’ve moved on now because it has been almost a year :laughing: :wink:

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