Something went wrong - refreshing stuck - upon opening


Reopening the app after some inactivity reports “Something went wrong” message that disappears quickly, and then the app stuck in Refreshing.

Details to reproduce:

Open app.
Mostly happens after opening and leaving it and not having it opened for maybe some number of hours maybe 6 or so

Has been reproducing for me for a year now and previously reported in chat but no fix yet. Has happened to me on two different phones as I upgraded since.

Device: iPhone
App Version: Latest

Screenshots: N/A

Delete the app. RESTART. Reinstall.

I know you’ve said multiple phones but backups can transfer the corrupted.

Thanks. Will give it a go. Corruptions can be generally fixed by code too or when correctly handled “fail safe”. Would be good to see the app fixed to fail safe better.

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Still does the same thing after fresh install. Wonder if it related to Face ID which I have turned on for accessing the app