So Why does the Post Office refuse the Monzo Card

(Martin Jones) #83

I tried using my Monzo at a post office a couple of days back and it would not work

(Alex Mayo) #84

Strange. I post a handful of things every week and use a mixture of 3-4 different branches. Some are full post offices and some are inside news agents. Never had a problem with anywhere accepting my card.

Are you just paying for postage?

(Gavin) #85

My Post Office accept’s my Monzo Card

(Kolok) #86

Hi do you have a link for this ta.

Edit found it. ( 5.11.3 in screenshot)

But as per this screenshot , rule 5.11.1 does this mean if you take MasterCard you must also accept Amex , diners club etc… (Technically)

(Nick) #87

I imagine that a Card (note capital letter) will be defined earlier in the document as a one of their cards. So what this is saying is that if you accept both Visa and Mastercard, you can’t encourage people to use Visa over Mastercard. It wouldn’t stop you from not offering a competitor.

(Kolok) #88

Oh thanks for that.
Definitions don’t have just Card but Credit Card , Prepaid Card

(Jamie 🏳️‍🌈) #89

A merchant can refuse to do business with anyone, though, so although Mastercard won’t tolerate a minimum spend on a card, if you pulled out a Mastercard for a transaction costing 50p the merchant could simply say “no sale” and be within their rights.

(If there's the wrong end of a stick, you'll find me holding it.) #90

Legally, yes. But they’d still be in breach of their agreement with MasterCard. I can’t really see Mastercard enforcing it, though.


So every shop who have a card minimum are in breach of their Mastercard agreement? Surely their agreement is with their merchant service anyway? Bank, iZettle, etc…?

(Punit Mannari) #92

What about corner shops that change extra 50p for transaction under a min amount

(Ben ) #93

I would assume that for the majority of the merchants who provide POS reader services have in their T’s and C’s that they must abide by the relevant T’s and C’s of the Card Brands they offer.

For example iZettle say:

Not that necessarily stops people doing it - but that’s how the POS provider ‘passes on’ the T’s and C’s.


It’s not allowed.

(Kevyn) #95

As @glasgow states, it is against the law.

(Drew sanders) #96

This shows it’s not just small shops

(Punit Mannari) #97

All the corner shops near me still charge 50p if it’s under a fiver

(Allie) #98

That is absolutely illegal. Please report them to your council’s trading standards and to Mastercard.

This criminal behaviour needs to be reported, it’s absolutely unacceptable.

(Kolok) #99

I get the reason why small business want to charge for cards but charging 50p on £5 is 10% way over the maximum 2% they are almost definitely paying.


I’ve had places claim theres a minimum fee of 50p

(Leon) #101

Do you have a link on how to report it to Mastercard?


You can/should also consult your local trading standards officer