Snoop App (New Open Banking Aggregator)

Looks cool :blush:


Signed up

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I’ll hold off for now until it’s properly live and we get to find out which institutions they are accessing via Open Banking. If they outdo Emma I may jump ship (integrations feel like they’re just not happening at all of late).


Hmmm, is it just me or is the name a bit… ominous sounding? :wink:


Yeah, in this privacy loving era it’s a bit dodgy




I’m tempted to setup an open banking service called something like QuidNunc or Pryer and see if I get people signing up.

Or doggy?

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Very crowded market already it seems. Can’t see how these firms plan to make money, the commission business model from partnerships looks very fragile. They are price takers in that situation, not price makers.

I signed up with them a while back. Comms from them has been good - and I like what they’re trying to do. Seems a bit different for Open Banking. But the proof will be what the app’s like. I currently use Emma so will be comparing against that.

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Interesting. Signed up just to see what it does.

A small point but not sure why they’d use such an old iPhone in their marketing on the site??

Thanks for sharing @simonb

We’re big fans of Monzo at Snoop HQ so quite exciting to see us pop up in your forum. Thanks for sharing!

Happy to take any questions about our app, the beta program, and what we’re doing (if the lovely people at Monzo are cool with that).

Antony - Snoop


Hi Antony.
Signed up for your Beta a couple of weeks back - looks interesting! A different take on Open Banking… When will I be able to get access to the app?

Hi Edward

The team all have an early version of the app on our phones right now, We’ll be making it available to those on the Early Access list (and can see from the thread above you’ve already put your name in the hat) early in 2020.

If you’re super keen to try the app I’ll see if I can jump you up the queue when we launch the Beta. Thanks so much for your support, means a lot!

Antony - Snoop

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Hi Antony. That would be great. Can you let me know your email address so I can send you my details so you can find me on your list. Thanks

Hi Edward

I’ve sent you a direct message via the forum :slight_smile:

Antony - Snoop

I am now a member of the Snoop Troop [ as in I’ve signed up for early access ] R-

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Just signed up looks good.

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Hi would love to be an early adopter of your new app, can you help bump me up the waiting list? Can’t wait to try it out.

Hi Mojack!

I’ll send you a direct message

Antony - Snoop