Smart Toilets 💩 🚽

(Simon B) #1

What do ya reckon? :joy::joy::joy:

(Alex Mayo) #2

I’ll be impressed when the smart toilets can implement IFTTT. So that if I spend too long on the toilet surfing this forum, it deposits 10p per minute into a pot (pardon the pun) of my choice. :upside_down_face:

EDIT: I would also like them to automatically order me a replacement card if they detect that it’s been flushed accidentally. That’s a must-have feature for me.


“deposits into a pot” takes on a whole new meaning…

(Andre Borie) #4

“Fully immersive” and “toilet” are not words that anyone wants to see in the same sentence. Paragraph. Article.

I think the top comment on there sums it up nicely.

(Rachel Raybould) #5

The future is here!
No joke but I have been waiting for the asian toilet companies to start coming over here. I would love a heated seat in the winter. That mirror with alexa is not coming near my house though!

(Jonathon) #6

Knowing Alexa is always there would give me stage fright.

Also: warm seats are a no-no. It’s like someone has just been there before you. Yuck.

(All Hail the Almighty Doge) #7

“Alexa, listen for the plop my poop makes to see if I am still healthy”

“Alexa, from the sound of the plop what was the speed and weight of said exit?”

(Richard) #8

My employer installs Japanese toilets into their offices… they have a seat warming function…

(Jonathon) #9

I just find them gross.

If it’s cold, I take warmth in the fact it’s been a while since another chap was sat there!

(Rachel Raybould) #10

Yeah after you get through that it is nice though have to admit.


Not a fan of this - just not needed. Every seems to have to be internet connected today, from shoes to salt shakers (these were actually funded on Kickstarter). Just adds unneeded complication.