The future - e.g. showers

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Okay, who’s going to get one of these?
The future of showering when you don’t have to be in the shower for the few seconds of cold at the beginning.

My mate is getting one, I don’t see the point personally. I turn the shower on, get undressed and by the time I’m in, it’s got to temperature :man_shrugging:t3: It’s a bit different if the boiler/hot water cylinder is a fair distance from the shower, but still.

I can understand the bath one though but not the shower.
See if you can get an update on how it is for us.

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Yeah once he’s had it for a bit I’ll see how it’s gone, for sure! :shower:

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Too much information! :see_no_evil: :rofl: :wink:

But yeah I agree :laughing:

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I guess depends on the shower with mine I would need super long arms to do that.

Been following these for a while

I’ve never had a problem waiting the few seconds it takes for the shower to warm up. This seems like a gimmick to make people part with good money for something that fixes a problem that never really existed in the first place.
And I don’t need a plethora of spray options I get in the shower get clean and get out again as long as it gets me wet and washes the soap off it pretty much serves it’s purpose

Shower + phone = no phone

I’d never waste my money on this rubbish, my combi boiler heats the water in seconds so why would I want this this for?

Stupid tbh


I hadn’t even thought of the shower and phone equation.
Another reason as to why in the words of the dragons “I’m out”.

That one looks soo much better and you will use less water.

A shower takes me all of about two mins I get wet turn wetter off soap then rinse I probably couldn’t use less water if I tried.
I defiantly don’t need to spend silly money on a new shower to save water.

For reference, we are the same family who has hue lights and could stitch on our lights by a switch :rofl:. Same with our heating and nest. We also have smart plugs that we can turn on and off with our phones.

I’m mean and make my family wear more clothes when it’s cold and walk round turning stuff off at the wall when it’s notin use. I don’t even let my kids have computers in there rooms lol

My dad has the same attitude except the computer one!

I think we get pressured into all this smart meter this and smart plug this a little bit of discipline and common sense goes a long way. People have saved money by just switching off and using less for decades and didn’t need a special box to tell them how and when to do it.
I’m all for saving the planet and a bit of cash but I’m not having a computer dictate how I do it.
I do still drive a big diesel car though :shushing_face:

I have none of those. I am known to leave ovens on or never turn them on with food inside. My memory is very short.


Just to be controversial. My Nest Thermostat is brilliant at telling me what to do to save energy and I save quite a bit money too as a result :money_mouth_face:

I too drive a big diesel car and waste a lot of money fuelling it :grimacing: so I guess balance is restored.

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Haha I’m sure you are not the only one. I think the most tech I have for my electric is a timer on my fish tank light and that’s only because I can’t reach the switch properly.

Until electric cars work properly and can be charged as quick as I can fill my tank I will stick to the diesel I think.