Smart bulbs

Is it possible to control smart bulbs with just a phone app ?
Would find it easier while watching a film to use an app to turn the lights down.

If you have Apple devices then there are many lamps that use the HomeKit protocol and the Home app


Yes. But why not just get a Google home mini? I think they’re only £15.

I tell mine that it’s movie time and it turns off all the lights, turns on the lamp and changes the TV to the correct input. :blush:

You’ll have the device for so many other things then too



Should have said I’m thinking more Android based as I have an android phone.

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Thanks, I’ll get Google mini shopping.

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No worries. As @Ordog says, Google Mini is what you’re looking for! The app/speaker are a great combination


If you hold the power button on a Pixel phone you get your smart bulb and smart device options.
I use it all the time. Really quick and one-click access to controls.

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Go with @Ordog’s suggestion. If :android: is the platform, Google Home is the way to go with most smart bulbs. Have direct control over individual or grouped lights and set custom routines. Easy to do and voice control via a Google Assistant/Home-mini/Nest device too. Check that GHome works with the smart bulbs that you have (or plan to get)

It’s bonkers how smart & efficient you can make your home with a little research & planning.

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Bit late here. But, in the last two weeks I have improved my smarthome experience by a huge amount by moving to controlling everything from a raspberry pi, zigbee 2mqtt adapter, and home assistant. It has an app too.

It is a bit technical. But advantages are it controls everything with a lot of flexibility, like I have my smart radiator valves linked to thermostats in places where I want them, eg bedroom radiator is controlled by temp next to the bed, lights controlled by motion sensors.

Costs about £80 to set up the home assistant hub. Then you can control pretty much anything (lights, radiator valves, plugs cameras) using anything (motion sensors, switches, Alexa/Google, apps). much better system than all those proprietary bridges and stuff. And you can add your own python scripts, so if you can code python, you can do pretty much anything you can imagine :grin:

List of everything compatible with mqtt.

Many guides online for setting it up although knowing Linux will be a huge help.

One warning though: this is a massive, massive time sink. The 0.1 seconds anyone saves by not having to switch the light switch will be outweighed by the 200 hours you’ll spend perfecting your automation set ups.

My next project is a somewhat pointless ‘energy saving mode’ that will pair down all energy usage to minimums when my bank balance gets low, using the Monzo api. As this is completely beyond my technical skills it’ll take a very long time. But maybe if it starts to work I’ll write a thread about it :grin: