Slack server

Can someone share the url to join the Slack server please?

It’s been a while since I’ve joined a slack so can really remember what you need.

The two unofficial ones I know about are below.

The official one closed

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Is there a post here about closing it? Curious why they decided to do that.

They moved developer discussions to this forum rather than paying for slack. I think there was a blog post

There wasn’t much dev stuff on it so they just moved all that to the forum Isn’t found :thinking:

There’s 2 unofficial ones.

DM if you want the link to the one I own

I just fixed a typo in the URL which you might have missed.

The text in this post is quoted from the original announcement we made in the Slack channel before closing it.


Alright, thanks!

I’ve updated my original post with a hopefully corrected URL and the other unofficial slack I know of

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