HDMI vs optical

currently have a SkyQ box connected to my TV via HDMI, and an optical out from the TV into my AV Receiver

If I was to use an optical cable from the SkyQ box into the AV Receiver would it increase the sound clarity or not ?

I’d have to buy a splitter if this is the case, as my av receiver only has one optical input and i’d need to connect my Xbox too.


I believe HDMI is better than optical especially with 4K content

Also See this

Short answer, no.

Optical has much lower bandwidth than audio over HDMI as it can only handle 2.0/2.1 channels uncompressed, whereas HDMI can handle at least 5.1/7.1 uncompressed. Multi-channel audio over optical always has to be compressed.

In your case the optical from your TV to your AV receiver is already the narrowest link in the chain.
If your TV has ARC and your AV receiver can take HDMI in, then that would be the “better” option in terms of audio quality.

Interesting… I have the same setup as the OP so I might switch the fibre optic that goes into my surround sound system tonight. Thanks! :slight_smile:

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Cool. Let us know how you get on.
So you will be doing SkyQ via optical into the AMP/Av-Receiver ?

Remember to go into settings and make sure both are set to " Dolby Digital " ( pic attached)

That’s what it is currently setup as. So based on the advise here I’ll switch it to HDMI for better quality sound :loud_sound:

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Just noticed in your photo that you have your resolution set to 1080i - if you have SkyQ shouldn’t this be UHD? or at least 1080p

I’m not at home to check it for myself so could be mistaken :smiley:

I have the 1TB HD box, not the 2TB UHD one.

With regards to 1080i, I use this option because with 1080p i ocasionally get glitches on the ondemand stuff.

Also, 1080i the best because most TV is shot in that format. ( aparrently )

Ahhh ok. Assumed there was only one type of SkyQ, my bad.

Not sure about what format TV shows are shot in but if you get glitches then it’s a no brainer. Doubt you will be able to tell the difference anyway :laughing:

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According to google and some other forums. HDMI is superior because it can handle more formats and more bandwidth. Not to mention the fact it does Audio/Video so no need to have seperate cables.

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I ended up using the HDMI ARC port in my TV. So basically, Sky box to TV via HDMI, then TV to AMP via HDMI.
Watched a film earlier on the SkyStore and sounded like i was in the cinema :smiley:

I too looked at swapping my optical out to HDMI and I don’t have enough ports :frowning:

I have a ‘Samsung one connect’ box which is very limited considering the cost of the TV :angry:

Didn’t know that about HDMI ARC though, so that will be the port I’d need to use when I sacrifice another device to free it up.

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Yeah a splitter would do the job.
Agreed on the HDMI ports though, I only have three, so means if i want to use my firestick i have to unplug my xbox

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That’s not a splitter per say. It’s what comes with the TV because there are no ports in the back of it other than the one to connect that thing :confused:

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You also need to know the technology used, for example the PS4 Pro uses what is called HDCP 2.2 so if your 4K tv doesn’t support HDCP 2.2 You will only get HD quality, people had to keep swapping over hdmi cables when using version 1 of the PSVR.

I bought a virtual surround sound system back in 2008 which is now useless unless I want to just watch HD on my 4K tv :wink:

I don’t have a clue what any of that means. Can you come setup my TV please to its optimum? :laughing:

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