Surprisingly, after 862 topics and 8.6k posts I think the word Siri hasn’t come up yet! So not to offend the ‘intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator’ when he / she eventually becomes sentient, here’s a question… ( perhaps for @james?)

On Monday at WWDC, Apple announced that in iOS 10 Siri would be opened up to developers via SiriKit (SDK) albeit with restricted Siri Domain access - a core set of 6 actions developers can tap into.


Apps that provide services in specific domains can use SiriKit to make those services available from Siri on iOS. Making your services available requires creating one or more app extensions using the Intents and Intents UI frameworks. SiriKit supports services in the following domains:

  • Audio or video calling
  • Messaging
  • Sending or receiving payments
  • Searching photos
  • Booking a ride
  • Managing workouts

“Apps that offer user-to-user payment services can use intents to send and request payments.”

Interested to know if voice assisted payments are on the roadmap, and if so when?


It’s not yet on the roadmap (because it only appeared this week) but: hell yes!

There’s a bunch of really cool stuff that came out of WWDC this year, in particular around widgets, 3D Touch and Siri, that I really want us to take advantage of :slight_smile:

What sort of things make sense to access via voice?


@james , something along the line of

Siri Order me some Pizza kthx!

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The SiriKit Dev guide says:


Apps that offer user-to-user payment services can use intents to send and request payments. Table 6-4 lists the types of intents you can implement and the classes and protocols to support in your Intents extension.

Table 6-4Payment intents
User intention
Send a payment to another user
Handler:INSendPaymentIntentHandling protocol
Request a payment from another user
Handler:INRequestPaymentIntentHandling protocol
If you use a single handler object to support both payment intents, your handler can adopt the INPaymentsDomainHandling protocol instead of adopting each protocol separately

It seems very limited to what Mondo would be able to do other than literally send and receive money and nothing more, it would be nice to check balance or top up, something I’d likely use in the car (the only time I ever use siri…)

*Checks history books *

Knowledge Navigator Video made for Apple-CEO John Sculley’s EDUCOM 1987 keynote in six weeks on a $60,000 budget.

Used Cortana on Windows phone and a Beta on my Android and it’s really good

That’s awesome @james!

Yes, sending and receive money is all that’s possible right now. But it’s quite a romantic notion to think that from first life (4,000,000,000 years ago), modern humans have emerged (some 200,000 years ago), made the “great leap forward” to behavioral modernity (~50,000 years ago) and created barter-like methods (dating back to at least 100,000 years ago) - which evolved into commodity money (circa 3000 BC) and later ‘representative money’…

And today digital money and voice assistants, the stuff of dreams 30 years ago (as shown in the video above), are reality.

So sending and receiving money just by saying it? I agree with “hell yes!” :smile:

Money transfers and balance checking (subject to privacy controls!) seem like obvious first steps (assistance) but with true AI and proactive advice as the North star.

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