Silk Road - How to go about travelling it

Hey everyone,

I really want to travel the silk road (without taking a flight). I was thinking London to Beijing through Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan. Does anyone have any tips or example itineraries for this? I’ve tried searching for one but alas I cannot find anything detailed. Maybe a tour really is the best way to do it…


Have you been watching that BBC show that’s on currently…?

Edit - The reason I asked, is because there is a great show on BBC 2 at the moment which is showing exactly what you want…

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Thought you meant the dark web marketplace for a min😂 don’t know any of them for the record.

I’d start with Reddit or TripAdvisor , but hopefully someone else here can help


Indeed I have! I have really enjoyed it. But I was hoping to find a more concrete itinerary to follow

You mean you don’t fancy trying to charm a Khazak native into giving you a lift in their own car?? :joy:

But yeah, the journey looks really good!

I thought the same lmao :joy:

Also enjoying the Race Across the World, especially having been in Asia recently so looking forward to that leg of the trip :slight_smile:

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I really want to travel the silk road (without taking a flight)

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