Anyone travelled in China Southern Airlines or similar?

I am planning to go to New Zealand in August and I’ve been tracking flights for a little while now. The cheapest I am getting is China Southern for about a grand. The next best one are like China Airlines & China Eastern before I get Korea Air which is in the £1600 mark

Wanted to know if anyone has travelled in any of the Chinese airlines and how that was


Try round the world tickets which include New Zealand. They are generally about half the price of a direct to New Zealand ticket.

Oh really did not know that. Do you know where you generally searched for this? any particular airline or the usual flight websites?

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I booked through Trailfinders but the best one always came out as Air New Zealand. They have a flight that leaves London about 3pm, stops in either Los Angeles or San Francisco and the goes on to Auckland (generally stopping for a bit somewhere in the Pacific). Going west is better as you don’t get the jetlag so bad e.g. we did the London to Los Angeles to Hawaii arriving in Hawaii 11pm the same day, up 9am next morning with no jetlag.

Trailfinders give you loads of options e.g. in our case they suggested taking a later flight out of Hawaii which gave us two days extra there for one extra hotel night.

I am actually thinking of going to Fiji as well for a few days while my wife and I are out in New Zealand. I’ve been tracking those flights separately and they were expensive as well. I’ll have a look at trailfinders. My only issue is that I have to travel after work on Friday so only flights after 19:00 would work, will have a look around that and see what i can find

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The ANZ flight I took stopped in Fiji.

Don’t forget that you’ll be crossing the dateline so will either gain or lose a day.

As far as I know, no RTW will leave London after 7pm as they’d land at strange times. Also you will lose a lot in jetlag.

Getting a few of them flying after 7pm. I am alright to lose the time cos i’d like to arrive on the weekend and rest up a bit. Got a wedding during the week so thought it would be best to sacrifice the weekend to travel instead